I would like to warn you about a question on the ballot that could raise Jersey City's property taxes significantly without giving you anything in return.

The second municipal question would allow money to be raised and spent without going through ordinary budget channels. That means there is a great chance the funds will be abused or robbed, like so many under-watched piles of money such as the Transportation Trust Fund or public employee pension system.

We must recognize that New Jersey is virtually a kleptocracy -- a government ruled by thieves, from Chris Christie to Steve Fulop and from indicted Senator Bob Menendez to greedy Wall Street billionaire Phil Murphy.

You are surrounded, but you are not powerless.  Talk to your neighbors and vote NO on all questions on your November 8 ballot in Jersey City. Do not let them rob you!

Say NO! to casinos.  Say NO! to the Gas Tax.  Say NO! to changing city elections.  Say NO! to the new Property Tax surcharge. And tell everyone that you are voting NO!

Democracy is not a spectator sport. It's up to you to stop corruption and waste by being an active & engaged citizen.

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Lisa McCormick is a New Jersey mother and small business owner who is outspoken about crime prevention, gun violence, excessive force & especially government corruption. 

She advocates smart action instead of tough talk. You are being contacted to help Lisa in fight back against threats to our democracy.