new album Hidden Details
and WorldWide Tour

THEO TRAVIS flute, sax, Fender Rhodes piano
ROY BABBINGTON bass guitar
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ULK/European release on John Etheridge's DYAN Records)

Limited edition of colored vinyl is available via ToneFloat.

Hidden Details is a new studio album of Soft Machine, recorded at the late great Jon Hiseman's Temple Studio in Surrey, England, last December 2017, and it will be released in September 2018 on MoonJune Records (North America; on CD and HD Download), on John Etheridge's Dyan Records (UK/Europe on CD, and iTunes), and on Vivid Sounds (Japan), exactly 50 years since the release of the band's 1968 debut album The Soft Machine. Limited and highly collectible vinyl edition of only 200 coloured vinyl (orange, blue and tour edition orange & blue marbled) will be released on the Dutch label Tonefloat, on September 8, 2018. 

“'Hidden Details' is very much the product of an active, contemporary sounding outfit striking out with its own agenda. Though informed by the past, the music here is neither weighed down nor beholden to it. Animated with the same ineffable and inquisitive spirit that has always made this group throughout its fifty years such a compelling experience, it’' good to have a new Soft Machine with us in 2018. The yearning tenderness of 'Heart Off Guard' and the come-down reveries of 'Broken Hill' and 'Drifting White' showcase the more intimate aspects of Soft Machine's personality while in contrast, 'One Glove' gives the more pugilistic side of John Etheridge's playing an outing. The terse angularities of the title track and 'Life on Bridges' highlight a fearless disposition, as does the buzzsaw interplay heard during 'Ground Lift' and 'Flight of the Jett,' both featuring Roy Babbington's decisive interventions. The surging lyricism of 'Fourteen Hour Dream' flirts with an almost popish sensibility, underscoring the sense that this is a quartet that is fundamentally at ease with itself. The return of what some older fans of the band have called 'cosmic tinkles’'– the appearance of layers of cyclical electric piano motifs – is especially welcome. Their brief manifestation on 'The Man Who Waved at Trains' and Third-era, 'Out-Bloody-Rageous,' both stone-cold Mike Ratledge-composed classics, adds an extra spacey dimension to the overall sound. Travis' use of looping technology with his flutes creates its own beguiling world and can be heard to powerful effect on the beautiful and enigmatic 'Breathe,' where his hovering notes are underpinned by Marshall's oblique yet atmospheric percussion.” - Sid Smith
Hidden Details 50th Anniversary World Tour 2018/2019

After performing great exciting shows for the enthusiastic fans in Montreal and Quebec City in Canada, and Tokyo and Osaka in Japan, SOFT MACHINE is continuing their world tour in September.

John Etheridge guitar
Theo Travis flute, sax, Rhodes
Roy Babbington bass guitar
John Marshall drums
with ** Gary Husband special guest on drums on selected dates

September 6 - Cosmopolite - Oslo, Norway
September 8 - De Boerderij - Zoetemeer, The Netherlands
September 9 - Musikbunker - Aachen, Germany
September 10 - Franzis - Wetzlar, Germany
September 12 - Muhle Hunziken - Rubigen, Switzerland
September 13 - La Casa Di Alex - Milano, Italy
September 14 - Club Il Giardino - Verona, Italy
September 16 - Porgy & Bess - Vienna, Austria
September 17 - Museum - Bratislava, Slovakia
September 18 - Akropolis - Prague, Czech Republic
September 19 - Kulturbanhof - Jena, Germany
October 6 - Orion Studios - Baltimore, MD, USA
October 7 - Theater Of Living Arts - Philadelphia, PA, USA 

October 9 - Roxy & Dukes Roadhouse, NJ Proghouse - Dunellen, NJ, USA 
October 10 - Darryl's House - Pawling, NY, USA 
October 12 - The Iridium - NYC, NY, USA (two shows)
October 13 - The Iridium - NYC, NY, USA (two shows)
October 14 - The Iridium - NYC, NY, USA 

October 16 - Mod Club - Toronto, Ontario, Canada [special guest Gary Husband]** 
October 17 - The Tralf - Buffalo, NY, USA [special guest Gary Husband]** 
October 18 - Beachland Music Hall - Cleveland, OH, USA [special guest Gary Husband] ** 
October 19 - The Irving Theater - Indianapolis, IN, USA [special guest Gary Husband]**
October 21 - Progtober Festival - Reggie's - Chicago, IL, USA [special guest Gary Husband]**
October 22 - Shank Hall - Milwaukee, WI, USA [special guest Gary Husband]** 
October 23 - The Turf - St. Paul, MN, USA [special guest Gary Husband]** 
November 3 - Marlow Theater - Canterbury, UK
November 6 - Sage - Gateshead, UK
November 8 - Green Hotel - Kinross, Scotland, UK
November 9 - Hebden Bridge Townhall - Hebden, UK
November 10 - The Trade's Club - Howden, UK
November 16 - Borderline - London, UK
November 17 - West End Center - Aldershot, UK
November 18 - Lews Con Club - Lewes, UK
November 20 - Epic Studios - Norwich, UK
November 22 - Trading Boundaries - Fletching, UK
November 25 - Talking Heads - Southampton, UK
December 15 - Peppel - Zeist, The Netherlands
December 16 - Harmonie - Bonn, Germany
January 24 - Freight & Salvage - Berkeley, CA, USA
January 25 - Flynn's - Santa Cruz, CA, USA 
January 27 - Alberta Rose Theater - Portland, OR, USA 
January 28 - Triple Door - Seattle, WA, USA 
January 29 - Triple Door - Seattle, WA, USA 
January 31 - The Baked Potato (2 shows) - Los Angeles, CA, USA
February 1 - The Baked Potato (2 shows) - Los Angeles, CA, USA
February 2 - Scottsdale Performing Arts Center - Scottsdale, AZ, USA
February 4-8 - The Cruise To The Edge - Key West, FL, USA + Cozumel Mexico

MoonJune Records recording artists BELEDO and MORAINE, and MoonJune Music Booking artist LEVIN BROTHERS are opening some shows on the North American dates of SOFT MACHINE.

BELEDO (solo): Philadelphia, Buffalo, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, St. Paul.
​​​​​​​BELEDO (Power Trio with Tony Steele & Doron Lev): Dunellen, New York City (3d night), Pawling
​​​​​​​BELEDO (Power Trio with special guests): Toronto
MORAINE featuring DENNIS REA: Portland, Seattle (both nights)
​​​​​​​LEVIN BROTHERS featuring PETE & TONY LEVIN with Jeff Siegel: Berkeley, Santa Cruz, Scottsdale