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Classic Finishes -kitchen faucet

"Leave room for growth" by selecting classic finishes that will endure the test of time

Beach access stairs Plymouth, MA

Now is the time to plan for your vacation home projects. Take a look at this beach stair & dock project in Plymouth MA, completed in 2010.

Dock, Plymouth MA

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A Fresh New Look

After 20 years we thought we should

do some renovating of our own...

Eric P. Thorson

You may have noticed that we are sporting a new logo these days. It's a fresh new look for us and a pledge to you that we will never stop improving.The past twenty years have afforded us opportunity to elevate the quality of our services tenfold. We plan to continue on that path of refinement and ensure that we bring only the finest level of design, craftsmanship & detailed attention to you and your most valuable asset, your home.

Feature Project

Make room for views

This Multi-phase Project included a complete overhaul of the Kitchen and surrounding areas, the floor plan was opened up considerably. We converted an underutilized room beside the kitchen into a full walk-in pantry with floor to ceiling cabinetry, additional counter space, and a space saving microwave drawer. A large arched window was installed and upper cabinetry was reduced which floods the space with natural light and opens up views to the exterior.

A wall removed in the foyer was replaced with architectural columns and custom decorative millwork. These changes converted the once dark and segregated entrance way to one that truly welcomes guests and draws them into the heart of this home. Kitchen Remodel towards dining area

Here is what the client had to say:

We can't thank you enough for the fantastic job you did on our home. Everybody was so professional and always treated our house with care. We knew we were in good hands and trusted everything you did. You really stand out in the remodeling business and we will recommend you highly to others.

~ The Maguire Family

See more photos of this project

See the Before & After

Tips from the pros

Leave room for growth

Any one who gardens knows that a plant should be placed in a pot that will leave a little room for growth. You would be forced to re-pot pretty often if the subsequent pots were only a fraction larger than the last. With that in mind think of your next remodeling project...Why you ask? Because the same principle applies.

When planning for a project, particularly a large one, you want to be farsighted and "leave room for growth" as it were. It always makes sense to plan ahead... sometimes way ahead.

Think about how your life might change over the course of the next several years (or as long as you expect this renovation to last). For instance if you are approaching retirement and plan to spend your elder years in your current home, you may want incorporate some features that would make those years a bit easier. Or if you know you will be out growing your current home due to a growing family or changing needs you should consider what would appeal to the next potential home buyer.

Leaving room for growth also means planning for styles & finishes that will endure the test of time. I'm sure we all know someone who had to pull out a full "avocado" bathroom suite circa 1972...and it probably probably lost it's appeal sometime in the 1980's. The lesson? To avoid re-potting or renovating too often...leave room for growth!

Employee Spotlight

Daniel Moore

Daniel Moore -Employee SpotlightDan was born and raised in Bridgewater MA. He started his career in carpentry at a very young age, helping at his uncle's building company over summer breaks. He liked the fast pace challenging environment and when he graduated from Bridgewater/Raynham High School decided to jump into the industry full time. He continued working for his uncle for another 3 years before the company began to slow down and Dan was forced to look for work elsewhere...

Read more of Dan's Story

Thinking Ahead

Projects to consider now...Vacation home

Now is the time to start thinking about that project you've been meaning to address at your vacation home. Depending upon the location of the home you may be gearing up to head out there for the summer and what better time to plan than when you are there to be reminded of your needs and wants.

Maybe you need a set of beach stairs or dock at your home on the cape or islands, or perhaps the property needs a complete overhaul or expansion. You may even be considering designing and building

Beach access stairs, Plymouth MA

your next dream vacation home. We can help. We have serviced homes as far east as the outer cape and islands and with enough planning can also work as far north as New Hampshire and Maine.

The trust and relationship you build with your contractor has been nurtured over time and usually through much hard work and collaboration. We really take the time to listen to your needs and the way you want your home and projects managed. Why not take advantage of that well established trust, rather than trying to build new relationships in your vacation home location? We are firm believers in fully servicing our clients needs and this includes being able to service their multiple properties -regardless of location.

Staff & Family Updates

Jared joins the homeowner ranks...

Now he can put his skills to use on his very own place...and has he ever! As soon as the papers were signed Jared went to work on his new home in Taunton, MA. Jared took on multiple projects including, electrical, plumbing, installing all new sheetrock and refinishing the floors. He hopes to be ready to move in by the end of the month.

Jen teaches Ballroom Dancing

Believe it or not our office manager Jen used to teach Ballroom for Arthur Murray Dance Studios back in the late 90's and she has just began teaching again in her "spare time". Find her on Wednesday nights at Dance Theater of New England in Bridgewater Center showing couples how to Waltz, Tango, Salsa & Swing (just to name a few)!

Andrew Thorson age 13

Andrew is an official Teen!

Andrew Thorson just celebrated his 13th birthday on April 11th and in so doing, officially entered his teen years! Eric & Stacy are slowly coming to terms with the fact that their "little boy" isn't so little anymore.

Nathan aspires to be a star

Nathan Thorson as WilburNathan Thorson has been polishing his acting skills so he can wow audiences as "Wilbur" in the live production of "Hairspray" on June 18th at the Bridgewater/Raynham high school auditorium. He is shown here in character wearing his costume for the production. Break a leg Nathan!

Senja age 2

Senja Turns Two

Jen's daughter Senja turned two on May 11th. Jen relayed this story in the office recently: she pulled up to the coffee shop drive through and Senja from the back seat promptly said "latte, whole milk" Jen concluded that her child is really bright since she remembered her order ... it's either that or Jenn just drinks way too much coffee!

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