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The YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund hosted the "Hearst Summer Institute," an informative session for Scholars and Alumni as part of their Summer Kick-Off, on June 11th in New York City.

Ilse Metchek, President, California Fashion Association, opened the event with a presentation entitled "Your Future in the Business of Fashion," discussing current career opportunities and employment requirements for incoming fashion retailers, merchandisers, executives and entrepreneurs.  The presentation helped students to gain a clear focus on future opportunities and provided an overview for the fundamental skill set necessary for working in the fashion industry.
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Santa Monica College honored CFA President Ilse Metchek with the "Style & Substance Award" at the 2016 LA Mode Fashion Show on June 16th.  "The award acknowledges Ilse's dedication to the fashion industry as well as creating and sponsoring projects that direct and educate the next generation of fashion professionals," said Lorrie Ivas, Chair of the SMC Fashion Department.  

James Belzer, Director of "Make it in America" as well as NY Fashion Week's "The Tent" was quoted at the presentation: 

"There are so many myths about the fashion business.  Some are true, and some others, well, they make good stories.  Anyone who has heard anything about fashion or has seen "The Devil Wears Prada" thinks that the toughest, most ruthless people run the fashion business.  Well, part of the reputation is true.

But the real truth about fashion is:  Fashion is, and will always be ... a BUSINESS!  That is: The business of designing, manufacturing and selling clothes.  In order to really succeed in fashion, it is essential to develop relationships with some very special people behind the scenes: The Fashion Insiders.  These people may not be famous, but they are the ones who really run the fashion business, as we know it.

I was thrilled to showcase Ilse and her industry perspective in my recent fashion documentary "Make it in America: Empowering Global Fashion."  Her depth of knowledge about the history, issues and challenges we face is unparalleled

June 15, 2016
California Fashion Association
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