December 2015

What's New

Thursday Mornings

11:30 am
"Yoga Booty Ballet"
new instructor
Tamar Salibian

Sunday Afternoons

12:30 pm
"Power Flow Yoga"
Nathania Stambouli
is now offered
an hour earlier.

"Straight Up Dance" is no longer offered.
8250 West 3rd St. #205
Los Angeles, CA 90048  
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Hello Beloved SWERVER,
It's been a whirlwind these past few weeks but December is predicted to return us all to stability. I'm so grateful, because I've been traveling a lot and returning home safe and sound from Paris has been a gift. Thank you for all of your messages to myself and Teigh. We are so very thankful to have your love and concern. We are returned home better--more appreciative, more aware, more present.

December is sure to bring surprises and a simple way to prepare for them is by being grounded and balanced. The best way I know to solidly remain centered is with daily meditation. SWERVE offers multiple opportunities to meditate with a group, with our meditation, yoga and Yoga Booty Ballet classes. We would be happy to guide you into mindfulness and heightened awareness, with added benefits of stress-reduction and greater happiness!

With the new iPad at the front desk, you've probably noticed that SWERVE is going paperless. Be ready to sign an electronic waiver when you arrive, as well as have your picture taken for our new paperless system. Prepare now by downloading MindBody Connect on your devices. Please sign in for classes and workouts in advance online. It's easy and it will save you time at check-in. Click the logo below to get the ap.


Gillian Alexandria Clark

This coupon entitles any  SWERVE
 first-time student
to their first class for only $10.
Expires 12/31/2015. In-person, or sign in advance online.