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Summer is for Simplicity
Often times, when looking for ideas to write about for each week's Farm Dirt, I look back through our archives at years past, to see what was happening on the Farm 365 days earlier. Was it a great weather year so that we had hot house tomatoes in time for Memorial Day weekend?  Did we have cut lilies yet? Were lobster dinners going strong? More or less, the ebb and flow of Farm grown produce, the arrival of Dom's meats, Salty Oats cookies and familiar Farm favorites follow a similar timeline each year as the days get warmer and longer. The memories keep flowing as I read past Farm Dirt emails; Strawberry picking in June, the first mention of Farm tours, Flower Picking, Yoga Festival, the Boston Pops... 

As our Island continues to rest amidst the current state of the world, it has become clear we are not waking up any time soon, at least not in the way that we normally experience a Nantucket summer.  All festivals have been cancelled or postponed, and our own beloved Farm Tours, Flower Tours and Strawberry Picking are not possible this Summer. 

We could never have imagined that this would be the reality of things, but there is still so much to be grateful for. Nantucket boasts 19 square miles of nature-rich sanctuary and is home to a community that has come together like never before to stay healthy and help each other get by. Our fields are planted, our Market is stocked, and the Garden center provides happiness in plant form. Our Kitchen prepares fresh meals for Nantucket families and our summer residents, daily. Our Curbside staff are as busy as a beehive picking what you're clicking, from our Bartlett's To Go site, providing our customers with a curbside grocery service unparalleled on Nantucket. 

Cooking with family, spending time in the garden, enjoying a picnic dinner and a Nantucket sunset...
Essentially, we are digging deep into the ideals of our mission statement, and weeding away the distractions. Exceptional produce, goods and services. Memorable experiences.  Essential, sustainable, responsible service to the community. 
Find what inspires your 'summer of simplicity' at Bartlett's, while we continue to provide the best experience possible. See you on the Farm. 

-Leah Mojer, M & P, Wine Manager
Get Plant Happy!
This Succulent display is mesmerizing! Currently daydreaming of sipping lemonade in the sunshine by a turquoise pool, surrounded by these beauties...
Our terra cotta is back in stock!  Burley Clay of Pennsylvania has sent our long-awaited terra cotta pottery! We have expanded the darker marbled clay series this year (pictured below, left) as well as added the “Granite” line, lighter in color with great marbling (above, right)
Pick it up, Prepare it, Pack it up
Picnicking is not a science, but with a little imagination paired with a touch of planning, you can create an afternoon or evening that the family isn't likely to forget anytime soon.
Get your gear, then get creative!
Get it all at Bartlett's! 
Enamel is a great choice for portability with a touch of class! These super cute buoy cups are located in the gift section, and are ready for the beach
This great set of containers is ample and inexpensive.
Get the whole set for $18 bucks!
Must-Have Drinks
Refreshing beverages are a must-have of any picnic. The Market is flush with candy-hued cans and bottles of crisp, bubbly natural sodas and drink mixers. All you have to do is decide; to add tequila, or not to add tequila...that is the question!
Fresh and Fruity 
Fruit is a no-brainer picnic option for lots of reasons. One which may not be the first thing that comes to mind is that fruit makes an awesome pairing with our other favorite ingredient...cheese! Watermelon and feta, blueberries and goat cheese, peaches and burrata!
Oh, what a wonderful world!
 Simple Snacks and Finger Foods FTW-
The door to delicious is incredibly easy to unlock, especially if you have Bartlett's Farm Kitchen anywhere near by!
Clockwise from top: The lunch box is always a place for inspiration when it comes to snacks and finger foods. Grab some of our tomato mozzarella salad from the deli case, a bag of salami nuggets, some olives by the cheese case and pack of wooden skewers. Enlist the kids to help build 'Antipasti kabobs' and voila, lunch is ready to pack up! If you're bringing a grill to your picnic, try our Farm made quesadillas. Wrap them in tin foil beforehand and slowly reheat on the grill as an appetizer while the coals are warming up for the main event...burgers and dogs!
Dessert, Downright Easy- Speaking of grilling...if you've never tried our Farm made Banana bread sliced and lightly grilled, topped with dessert sauce and ice cream, you haven't really lived!  We recommend Stonewall Kitchen's Sea Salt Caramel and Jeni's ice cream. The only problem is picking just one Jeni's flavor... it's nearly impossible with flavors like Churro, Peaches, Cream & Biscuits, or Brambleberry Crisp...
Break the Fast, FAST!
Save time and hassle with our new
Specialty Egg Sandwiches-
Call 508.228.9403 to order by name!
Lobster Dinners are Available Thursday through Sunday!
Thursday's Dinner is back to normal!

Takeout dinner on Thursdays are back to Tri Tip! Phew!
Farm Grown Tomatoes?
Spotted in the Market, just this morning!
This means Hot House RED tomatoes are just a few more days away! Tomatoes love sun and heat, so they will be coming in in spurts at first until our weather gets consistently warmer and sunnier!
Our Fields
First crops of corn, tomatoes, head lettuce and more have finally been transplanted into the fields.
Be sure to wave to Phil Bartlett tilling the fields while you're driving by... 
Hydro Greens are Going Strong
Available most everyday!
Mesclun mix and Greens mix! YUM!
Wild Wines, Ciders & Beers,
Oh My!
Old Westminster "Music Series" blends their hybrid grape wine with piquette to produce these fun summer wines!  Piquette is produced by hydrating pressed grapes with water for a second fermentation. Because freshly pressed grapes are chock-full of sugar and yeast, a second spontaneous fermentation takes off when water is added to the grapes, yielding a refreshing wine with a lower alcohol percentage than traditional wine. Perfect for hot summer sipping!
As Artisanal sourdough bread is to the bread world, wild fermented wines and sour beers have existed for centuries and are now enjoying an explosion of popularity! Because the yeast used to make the product is wild, it imparts vibrant flavors, colors, textures and aromas not found in wines that use cultured yeast. 
Flavors and aromas can range from creamy citrus curd to tangy fruit vinegar notes, and deeply savory umami flavor sensations. While they are wild and delicious, they are unfiltered and contain little to no added sulfur, so they are definitely not going to taste like your average Pinot Grigio. That said, once some people taste wines and ciders like these, they find it hard to go back to the regular stuff! The experience is wondrously different, tasty and satisfying. Give them a try, today!
Bartlett's Baby Gear is in!
Bartlett's Gear is rolling in for Kids, Adults and Babies, too! 
Need some new summer clothes for the kiddos?  We just got in a bunch of new styles for the younger set, everything from bibs and onesies to tees and solar shirts.  Check out the new selection of kids clothes on our webstore.
Nantucket Fresh Catch Hours
This Week 10-6 Thursday through Sunday
We're Hiring
Bartlett’s Farm is looking for an experienced Kitchen Steward to wash dishes and receive and maintain inventory in our busy production kitchen as well as prep work when available. Position is available through December with opportunities for year-round benefits. Apply here for immediate consideration.