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April 20,  2016
Open 8-6 Everyday!
Now open on Sundays
APRIL 23 10 AM

We are excited to welcome Gabrielle and Brandt Gould who will present a cooking demonstration based on their fresh and made from scratch cooking at Atlas Nantucket. As always, samples and good times will be provided, along with coffee, tea and farm-baked goodies.
Space is limited so arrive early for your best seat. FREE for everyone.
In the Garden Center
Perennials are arriving weekly.
Farm-Grown Vegetable and Herb Starts are in the Garden Center
Roses and Hydrangeas arrive this week.
Ranunculus and Daffodils are nearly gone - don't wait if you want some!
Hydroponics, Organics and Microgreens
From the Hydroponic House:
Boston Bib, Bok Choy and Basil
From the Organic Greenhouses:
Greens Mix, Kale and baby spinach
And from the Organic Microgreens house
turnip, mustard, radish, cabbage and kale, bok choy and basil micros
Saturday and Sunday Only!
20% off Everything in the Meat Case 
Sausages, Ribs, Beef, Chicken, Pork, Burgers, Veggie Burgers
Plus we are bringing back Weekly Specials!  
Click here to see this week's specials!
NEW! Breakfast Burritos!
Farm Made salsa, spinach, onions, eggs, rice + beans in a flour tortilla $8.99
add bacon...$9.99
Your breakfast is ready.

Great Wines, Great Makers; MASSERIA LI VELI
One of my all-time favorite wine-makers for their commitment to quality, organic cultivation and excellence. Especially impressive is their youthful, adventurous pursuit of keeping their long history alive by cultivating grapes on the brink of being lost forever and transforming them into fabulous wines for the world to discover. A noble cause in promoting and applauding diversity in a wine world driven by trends. 
 Be sure to try both the “Passamante” Negroamaro  and “Fiano” on your next visit to the Farm!
Masseria Li Veli was purchased by the Falvo family in 1999 following 40 years of experience in the wine business. Combining methods from the past with modern equipment over an ancient site gives Masseria Li Veli the perfect balance between history and innovation. 
The estate (Masseria actually translates to “Farm” in Italian) is certified organic and focuses on producing the best wines possible using local varieties entrenched within the history of Puglia. 
Li Veli is one of the top estates of Italy’s emerging Puglia region making wines from grapes that are region specific and even going so far as to bring certain ancient Apulian grape varieties back from the brink of extinction, within their ASKOS line. 
They were recently selected among the 100 ITALIAN FINEST WINE PRODUCERS by Wine Spectator. 
Leah Mojer / Wine Manager / BOVF
Li Veli Fiano 2014  $12.99
In the Glass...Bright grapefruit, lemon and pear scents define this white’s bouquet. On the palate it combines a mouth filling texture with waves of crisp, zesty green apple, plantain and lemon flavors. Super refreshing and wonderfully affordable at the same time!
At the Table...Great with simple seafood dishes. Raw fish (crudo), sushi and pan-fried fillets are ideal. Citrus and nuts make excellent complements to the wine’s minerally flavors, as do fresh cheeses like Cypress Grove’s Truffle Tremor, Bucherondin or Sweet Rowen Farmstead’s “Storm”. Light pastas are another great match; avoid cream- and tomato-based sauces, and go for those that rely on butter, sharp cheese or olive oil for richness. Try pasta with scallops and lemon zest, pasta with farm made basil pesto and fettuccine with shrimp and fresh peas.
Li Veli  “Passamante” Negroamaro 2013  $13.99
I have had a long time crush on this little negroamaro for its affordability but mostly it’s incredibly yummy taste! It can be enjoyed by itself or paired with lighter red meat dishes, particularly those that are grilled, smoked or braised. Its plump, forward fruit stand up to heavier spices and chiles better than most red wines as well as being perfect with pizza and pasta dishes.   It’s my go to for picnic fare like sausages, hamburgers or barbecued chicken. It also works well at the end of a meal, served with sharp, tangy cheeses like Manchego, Pecorino or cave-aged Gruyère.

Intern Spotlight
Hello. My name is Sonia Edith Palacios and I am the oldest of three children. My family lives in Quito, Ecuador, and I am interning at Bartlett's Farm. Last Saturday at about 7 pm, there was a very bad earthquake that was 7.8 on the Richter scale that hit the coast of Ecuador. Pedernales is a big city that was 90% destroyed.  Cojimies was also very heavily damaged.  So many families have nothing now. Some villages are completely cut off.  Before the earthquake, they had only basic services.  Now they have even less.  No electricity. No Internet. Roads destroyed. Houses and school destroyed. People are sleeping in the streets. 
My family is all ok.  My family’s business is ok. As of today, they know that 413 people have died and many many more are injured. But I feel helpless because if I was in Ecuador, I would be helping my family and friends with collecting food and clothing for the victims.  I am so far from home that the best I can do is to ask for donations that will go directly to the victims who need it most. 
If you can donate, here are links that will connect you to organizations where the money will be used to help the people who need it. 
Here is a link to the Ecuadorian Red Cross.
And Global Giving is also a very reputable organization that will accept donations targeted directly to Ecuadorians. 
Thank you
Nantucket Fresh Catch is Back!
Fresh Catch will be opening tomorrow, Thursday, April 21. Their hours will be Thursday through Sunday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. until May 18, when they will be open every day!
75% Off Sale!
We are making room for this year's new merchandise,
so this is your chance to get some great deals with 75% off a lot of items!
By The Beautiful Sea Glass Workshop:
An Akimbo Beads Event
April 23 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM
Choose to make a bracelet or necklace using assorted colors and shapes of sea glass. The tools, supplies, and beading materials are provided. A bead expert and jewelry artist from Akimbo Beads & Things, will take you through the creative process step by step.
Cost: $ $25 for Bracelet / $35 for Necklace
HOW TO REGISTER: Call 508.901.5032 or email
April is Free Repotting Month!
Bring in your tired house plants for some fresh soil, fertilizer, TLC and, if you purchase a new pot from the farm, the repotting is free!
Want a Unique Cultural Experience?
We have a few international interns who we would like to hire and we are trying to find housing for them!  We provide housing for a lot of employees but we are looking for more rooms!
If you are interested in renting a room to someone with a guaranteed job at the farm, please contact our
for more information.
BYOB (Bring your own Bags - reusable shopping bags) and fill out a green ticket to win a spin on the prize wheel!
And in Other Green News...
If you are a Friend of the Farm (and why wouldn't you be?) we can now email you your paper receipt after each transaction!
This will speed things up at the registers, and will use less win!
If you would like to take advantage of this, please email Whitney!
~Great News...A bunch of you have already signed up! Thank You!
Just think of all the paper we will save by not printing receipts!~
 Farm to Table Dinners
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