I am running for governor to give you a voice.

Some folks will give money, volunteer time and work really hard because we believe in democracy. Most people who get this email will not help, which is sad because we need you. I cannot do this alone, so I am asking again.

Not only is a mountain of money in our way -- $12 million was spent so far by Goldman Sachs partner Phil Murphy, the Wall Street billionaire who wants to buy the election -- but fake 'progressives' are popping up, like John Wisniewski.

All the same, I am not giving up without a fight.

Middle class America has been wiped out because we did not fight back for most of the 40 years this class war has been waged against us, our families, our economy & our nation. I do not want to lose, but I am certainly not willing to surrender!

Agenda for Action
  • Put an end to political corruption & legal bribery
  • Expand free public education from pre-K & college
  • No American should be jailed for smoking marijuana
  • Raise the minimum wage so people can live on it
  • Reverse the deadly impact of climate change
  • Stop leaving reported crime unsolved

New Jersey is in trouble if you are not a part of our campaign to save it, making it grow, sharing our story, recruiting new volunteers & donors.
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