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*New Day & Time*
7:00 am
"Kundalini Recovery Yoga"
with Dev Thomson Cox
(Pre-register for this class online or pay $12 cash at the door. Please note: this class is no longer offered Sundays at 3:00 pm.)


*No Longer Offered*
1:30 pm
"Power Flow Yoga"


*Returning Class*
Starts Today!
5:00 pm
"Locananda Yoga"
with Andy Clark
(Please note: this class will NOT be offered Sunday March 8th but will return each week thereafter.)

8250 West 3rd St.
Los Angeles, CA 90048  


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Dear Gillian,

Spring is in the air! I know you can feel it in your bones and elsewhere.

Daylight Savings begins next Sunday March 8th and  I'm not the only one who's excited about the extended glorious Springtime sunlight during our waking hours. SWERVE's huge studio windows are primo viewing space for our glorious Los Angeles sunsets. The pleasure of enjoying a divine natural phenomenon of orange, pink and lavender skies feels even better when accomplishing a sweaty SWERVEY workout--pheromones and fitness euphoria surging.

Spring is traditionally a time of awakening, nature coming into bloom and emerging from inert and groggy hibernation. I claim these qualities of rebirth for you in body, mind and spirit! Spending productive time at SWERVE is certain to power you up and ready you for life, love and the dance of being healthy and well in your body.

The cosmos predict this month to continue forward with the path of positivity especially when we cultivate our own personal strength. (Of course, SWERVE is the perfect place to do that.)

This is also a time of heightened concentration and mental acuity--perfect for prepping your tax return, sealing deals and negotiating agreements. Careful listening and empathy are called for in this first month of the thaw and your attention is ready and willing.

Be patient with yourself and others. So much good is coming to the surface, preparing to blossom before your eyes and also within you! Welcome it in. Make space in your consciousness, in your schedule and in your living quarters for more sweetness and light than you can imagine. Spring is bursting forth and you and I and all of us are now in preparation to receive it.

Carpe Diem!

Gillian Alexandria Clark
This coupon entitles the bearer to their first class at SWERVE for $10. Simple and easy. Must be used at front desk registration rather than online.
Offer Expires 3/31/15. Available only with in-person, front-desk check in.