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Celebrating 175 years of Family Farming on Nantucket
Happy Mother's Day to ALL the MOMS!
Here's Dorothy Bartlett holding newborn twins Dave and Dan
back in the 60's . Can you tell which is which?
For Mom!
We guarantee Mom will appreciate a 
Gift Card from Bartlett's!
From the Kitchen
Grilled Shishito Peppers are back! Perfect for snacking or coarsely chop and set atop Grilled Flank Steak
Satisfy the Parisian in you with these gorgeous Apricot tarts from the Bakery
So many new products landing in the Market! 
Drink Mixes, Easy to Make Dinners,
Apps, and more!
Bring the kids... & find Ben and Jerry!
Ben and Jerry have decided they are going to
hide somewhere on the farm every day!
They could be hiding anywhere customers are allowed to go.
If your child finds one of these rascals, bring them back to the Farm Hand Stand to collect your reward! 
Every night when we close, Ben and Jerry will wander off
and hide again.
Rosé all Day, all May, and beyond!
New arrivals are still coming in! Two varieties of gorgeous Sancerre Rosé hit the shelves tomorrow, along with one new outstanding Sparkling Rosé from Patrice Colin
Our featured rosés below are indeed standouts! One very special wine from Spain with limited quantities and a perennial favorite is back in stock. Read on below!
Antidoto "Roselito" Clarete
Man...Spain really, really deserves more street cred than we are willing to dish out.  Vines of incredible age, history and craftsmanship, repeatedly overlooked, in favor of the en vogue french wines to the north.
Check out "Roselito" from Rioja!

Not technically a rosé but a wine style native to Rioja called Clarete. These wines are made of both red grapes and a significant amount of white grapes, in this case a zippy white grape called Albillo. (pro-tip; "Tinto Fino" is another name for tempranillo!)

Pale, orange-hued Claretes effectively drink like well-structured white wines with a blush. This smells of limestone and lemon flecked minerals, then roses, rhubarb stems and a wash of anise. The palate is rich and silky, having great roundness and volume without weight.

Pair with Tuna, Swordfish, Grilled Chicken, & Charred Salmon. A truly special wine with serious terroir!
Landhaus Mayer Rosé
A wonderful value that brings joy upon its return for all who love this rose year in and year out! Enticing aromas invoking spring flowering into summer; fresh-picked strawberries and ripe watermelon, along with hints of lemon zest and wildflowers. Bright, refreshing, 
smiling inducing grape juice, FTW.
 Beer at the Farm!
You asked, and kept asking!
Finally, we have exciting news to share!

We will now begin selling BEER along with wine!
Look for the shelves and the new cooler to begin filling up with great craft beers and ciders for this weekend! Cheers!
So Much Going on in
The Garden Center
Lavender has so many things going for it...
smells great, attracts bees and butterflies, you can use it fresh or dry it, you can make lavender shortbread cookies, but one of its best traits is that deer don't eat it! 
Hot peppers and other veggies make great
container plants!  You can sow the seeds directly in a pot and harvest peppers in August! Other easy veggies to try in  containers are greens + lettuces and cherry tomatoes.
No Nantucket garden would be complete without
a rose or two...
Blooming Creations is Open
Bring out your empty window boxes and containers and let our creative and talented staff plant them for you! 
Bartlett's 175th Anniversary Presents-
Who's Your Farmer? Get to know our staff!

An interview with Mj Mojer, Farmstand Manager

Whitney: How long have you been with the farm?

Mj: Just about 12 ½ years. I started on October 1, 2005.

W: What positions have you held at the Farm?

Mj: Wow! Well, Whittles, I started as the Pastry Chef,

became the Executive Chef within the first year.

I was the EC and Market Manager both for about two years, then moved full time into the Market as Market Manager.  That was about six years ago, 2012 ish.

W: So, Mj, what is your favorite task at work?

Mj: I love customer service, and really enjoy chatting

with customers about what we bring in and why. Sharing recipes, trying to find the product that will just delight them.  Our Farm Grown produce is so fresh and healthy and beautiful, so sharing that with customers and staff is just a treat. Teaching and training staff comes a close second. Seeing them get so excited once they actually realize the impact they can have on someone’s day just by being friendly and sharing their new found knowledge is really cool.

W: How did you end up on Nantucket Island?

Mj: Oh, Whitney. You’re hilarious.

I was born and raised here.

I am a twelfth generation native.

and have 1.9 (anytime now!) grandchildren who are the fourteenth generation.

W: What are you most likely doing when you’re not at the Farm?

Mj: If I’m on island, digging in the dirt in my yard,  planting and moving things around, walking or running…very slowly.

Seriously…I walk faster than I run.

If I’m off island, chances are good I’m on a plane heading to or from Virginia, visiting my daughter and her crew.

W: What was the last thing you watched on TV and why did you watch it?

Mj: Madame Secretary because it’s so well done, and interesting, though at any given moment, I am found binge watching The West Wing….over and over. Both are great for listening to while knitting.

W: If you didn’t get this job, what was your back up plan?

Mj: Back up plan is and always will be as a backup singer. Not that I have the talent or ability, but I do have the passion, and great gesturing abilities. Call me.

Before I started at Bartlett’s I was a Teaching Assistant at Nantucket High School, and was ready and happy to go back.  However, I had gone to college (in the stone ages…yes; they had college way back when) for Horticulture and had always wanted to work at the Farm. I had just imagined that it would be in the greenhouses or Garden Center!

Find Something for Mom
From the Housewares and Gift Department
Candles, gifts and fragrances are a hit with most moms!
Nantucket- and shell-themed cutting boards are so stylish and functional!
Nantucket Fresh Catch
Open 10-6 Wednesday-Sunday
Joan is back at the fish counter while Jeff continues to run the wholesale end of the business. You can also find sushi and poke salad in the cooler next to the fish counter! 
Save The Dates
6/9 Coast of Maine expert Sue Lavallee will discuss Raised Bed Gardening and show you how it's done! 

6/23 Proven Winners representatives will present new products.
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