Help us meet our climate action goals!
Join Bedford 2020's 12-week campaign to reduce your carbon "foodprint" by giving up meat one day a week. Below is the Week 1 newsletter we sent to participants. Take the pledge and get in on the fun: receive recipes from local chefs and personalities, hear about local events, be entered to win delicious prizes, and be counted in our carbon reduction efforts.
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Week 1: Let's Get This Veggie Party Started!
Welcome to week 1 of the 12-week Meatless Mondays with Bedford 2020 campaign. Our weekly newsletters will include a quick 2-question survey to help us track impact. Each week that you check-in, we will enter you into the drawing to win dinner for two at Crabtree's Kittle House (and more delicious prizes TBA). Please click the button to check in:
Week 1 Check In
Featured Local Partner
Reading Room in Katonah
The Menzies' family relationship with Meatless Monday goes back to before they became the owners of two well-known Katonah establishments that are both signed on as Partners of Meatless Mondays with Bedford 2020. Stop in for Avocado Toast, Bedford 2020 Kale Salad...
Lunch and Dinner Recipes
Warm Grain & Mushroom Salad & Protein Fried Rice with Avocado Oil
Our vegetarian recipe collection will grow over the 12-week Meatless Monday campaign as we collect recipes from local chefs and residents. We start you off here with 2 from Village Social. If you have a vegetarian recipe to share, email us!
Resources and Tips
What Environmental Impact?
Want to learn more about a plant-based diet or the environmental impact of meat? We will be collecting and posting resources and sharing them in this weekly newsletter. To start you off, check out this video, One Day a Week, by Paul McCartney.
Kids Corner
Meet the Greenhouse Gases
Most meat that we buy in the grocery store is raised in far away places on huge farms called CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations). Raising meat like this for us to eat produces a lot of carbon and methane. These are greenhouse gases. But are greenhouse gases good or bad? 
Spread the Word
Let's get as many households as possible participate in Meatless Mondays with Bedford 2020 during the 12 weeks!
Will you:
Local Food is Best
Reduce Your Carbon Foodprint further... buy local veggies and
locally raised meat (for the other 6 days/week) at the 
JHU Pre-Campaign Survey
Thanks again for taking the pledge to give up meat one day a week for 12 weeks! If you have not already, please fill out the pre-campaign survey by Johns Hopkins University to give them a baseline for their research on our unique community-wide effort. No personal info is given in the survey. The next JHU survey will be the post-campaign survey (in 12 weeks).
Pre-Campaign Survey | (914) 620-2411 | 68 Bedford Rd., Katonah, NY 10536