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Sept 18-20
Davenport, IA

Remember in Prayer
We pray for France and all those who are hurting and fearful. Lord, we need you. Bring your healing and peace. More prayers...  
Communion Set Needed 
Usangi Leadership and Training College in the Pare Diocese in Tanzania is in need of communion-ware with glass glasses. A set that a congregation is no longer using is fine. If interested in donating or learning more contact Mary Jo Maass by phone 319-750-1660 or by email 
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News from Our Companions in Tanzania
This past week, steps were taken in a special assembly that effectively divided our companion synod, the Pare Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania into two dioceses. We were aware that this extraordinary transition was being planned.

Though significantly smaller now, the Pare Diocese continues to function and will convene an Extra-ordinary General Assembly in December to make the necessary changes to governing documents and strategic decision making in light of this change.

The newly formed “diocese in preparation,” the Mwanga Diocese, has elected leaders (Bishop-elect Chediel E. Sondoro and Assistant Bishop Timothy J. Msangi), and will continue the necessary steps to begin functioning independently of the Pare Diocese.

It will take some time to sort out all the implications for our companionship. We remain a companion synod to the Pare Diocese. Several Southeastern Iowa Synod congregations have longstanding relationships with parishes in the emerging Mwanga Diocese. But all companion relationships fall under the umbrella of the church-to-church relationship between the ELCA and the ELCT and we will work closely with our partners in Global Mission to determine how best we can serve the interests of the church-to-church partnership.

Please pray for the Pare Diocese as they face a more challenging new reality and for the Mwanga Diocese as their new identity continues to emerge. And pray that regardless of how all the details are sorted out that, together with our sisters and brothers in Tanzania, we might provide a bold witness to the unity that is ours in Jesus Christ. Click here for a link to this article on our website
Fall Theological Conference
The annual Southeastern Iowa Synod Fall Theological Conference will be held September 18-20, 2016, at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Davenport.  The theme will be “Drawn to the Light of God: What we can Learn about Discipleship, Leadership and Witness from the Gospel of John” Our speaker for this year’s event will be Dr. Karoline Lewis, Associate Professor of Biblical Preaching at Luther Seminary. See the schedule, learn more about the speaker, and register online...
From the Synod Blog: Praying and Acting for Transformation
Post by Kathy Smith, Associate for Administration
O Lord, hear our prayer. Have mercy on us and show us your saving grace. We pray for the victims and families of recent tragic events, and for our brothers and sisters who suffer from violence and injustice on a daily basis.  We pray for our police, community leaders, and political leaders; may they be wise and compassionate in the midst of dangerous and often overwhelming circumstances. We pray for those who believe violence is the only option; may they know and encounter your peace and love. Lord, give us wisdom to seek and understand our calling as followers of Jesus Christ. Open our hearts and minds, and show us what we are to do now. Amen

We pray and grieve for the victims and their families of recent tragic events in St. Paul, Baton Rouge, and Dallas. Yet we remain confident knowing that God is already present in this moment. Throughout history, from the time of Moses and Abraham to today, God listens and responds to our prayers, his grace and wisdom leads and guides us. And through scripture we learn that faith without works is dead. “Was not Abraham justified by works when he offered his son Isaac on the altar?  You see that faith was active along with his works, and faith was brought to completion by the works.”  James 2: 21 – 22. Continue reading...
Your VBS Information
Thanks to many congregations who have submitted information and photos from their VBS ministries. If your congregation has participated in a VBS ministry this year, or still has one coming email Pastor Erika Uthe with pictures, stats, and stories so that we can share the great ministry happening around our synod.
Churchwide News
A Statement from Members of the Conference of Bishops of the ELCA
“How long, O Lord, how long?”
Once again, in 2 separate incidents, black men have been shot and killed by police officers.  The toxic combination of racism and violence has become all too familiar.  The later shooting of numerous police officers at the end of a peaceful rally only raises the tension and despair.
The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has gone on record opposing racism, and opposing violence, including in the criminal justice system.  Yet our reality does not measure up to our ideals.  As a denomination, the ELCA ranks at the bottom of almost all church bodies in terms of racial diversity.  The explanations are many and various—northern European origins, rural settlements.  But the fact remains that plenty of other denominations with similar histories have managed to become far more diverse.  We have a problem, and part of the problem is our own racism.  We might as well own it. Read the rest of the letter...
You're Invited
Continuing Education Opportunity: Making the Irrelevant Church Relevant
October 16-18, 2016
Prairiewoods, Hiawatha IA
Our society sees church as irrelevant but pastors know that church can be the foundation that nurtures, inspires, and transforms. Empowering Communication (What is Empowering Communication?) is key to developing healthy relationships and healthy churches.

This workshop will give progressive pastors a roadmap for moving Jesus’ life and teaching out of the Bible and into the Church. In this retreat you will gain skills that deepen connection with yourself, the divine, and others. 

To Register: (Programs, Calendar)
For inquiries contact Leslie Ritter-Jenkins, 

Host a Reformation 500 Bookstore at Your Congregation
Reasons to host:
  • Prepare for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation: Educate your church on the history of the Reformation, Martin Luther’s writings, and their impact on Christianity today.
  • Get free resources and free shipping: Augsburg Fortress will send you a free shipment of over 15 books and display materials prior to the date you select to host your Bookstore. These 17 books are yours to keep for FREE after hosting your Bookstore for two weeks between September 11, 2016 – November 13, 2016.
  • Special savings for your congregation: Your church members receive up to 50% off AND free shipping on the curated selection of books for purchase at the Bookstore! 
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