Passion For Streetscapes and Public Spaces!
Solar Mobile Device Charging Station
Neighborhood Parklet
Interlude Bus Shelter
Urban Art
At Streetscapes, we’ve always had a passion for the streetscape. But we’re equally passionate about other public spaces. 

It’s a proven fact that the right type of housing density creates an environment for neighborhood restaurants, retail shopping and the opportunity for small businesses to thrive. 

These elements support walkable pedestrian spaces and the hustle and bustle of people moving between various points in the city.  It’s also a fact that the introduction of art in public spaces along with public amenities like benches, planters and bike parking contributes to life along the street. 

With the recent addition of repurposed artifacts, solar powered charging stations for mobile devices, artistic prefabricated bike and passenger shelters, we are doing our part to keep the space between the buildings on the street populated.

However, neighborhood, multi-family and other types of communities thrive on other types of public spaces away from the urban streetscape.  
In the public spaces connected to these communities, the hustle and bustle of the city gives way to walking through the neighborhood, taking the dog for a walk in open space, burning calories on the exercise and fitness circuit or just hanging out on the roof deck or reading near the pool. 
These environments have different public furniture demands than the urban streetscape, but they generate their own sense of community and points of destination. Like the urban streetscape, we celebrate these public spaces too with outdoor fitness and exercise equipment, pool and patio furniture, dog park amenities and other less street intensive furniture. Far away from the street, Streetscapes offers golf bag stands, tee box signs, range markers and directional signage for golf clubs.
If you’re involved with streetscapes,  mixed use, multi-family or  master planned communities, visit the Streetscapes website. We have a passion for all types of public spaces.