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8 Ways to Move the Food Movement Forward in the Age of Trump
By Mark Bittman and Nicholas Freudenberg
Linking food to other issues and campaigns can amplify the power of food and other movements and increase the chances of winning meaningful victories. Photo: 2017 People's Climate March. Credit: Mark Dixon.


This post also appears on Civil Eats. A recent discussion of how to unite food activists in New York City with the larger Trump resistance offers lessons and tools to create positive change everywhere.

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New Publication
Nevin Cohen, the Institute’s research director, and DPH student Kristen Cribbs have published an article in the Journal of Aging Studies on their findings from a research study of the cooking practices of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) older adults living in a community setting in New York City. They found that past interventions at the individual level have not adequately improved nutrition among LGBT older adults.

Using Social Practice Theory to explore the food practices of this under-researched, yet vulnerable, segment of the older adult population, they found that food practices—far from being mere expressions of individuals' choices or immutable habits—are entities composed of meanings, materials, and competences that are structured as they are performed repeatedly in a social context. Gaining insight into how and why diverse older adults perform food practices in light of obstacles common to aging has important implications for senior nutrition program and policy development

The article is free and available for download here.
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CUNY Food Collaboratory Brings Together Faculty, Staff and Graduate Students Across Disciplines and Campuses
On May 15, more than 20 CUNY faculty, staff and graduate students from 9 CUNY campuses gathered at the Graduate Center to explore common interests in food studies, food policy and food justice for the second meeting of the CUNY Food Collaboratory. Convened by the CUNY Urban Food Policy Institute, the Collaboratory brings together dozens of CUNY scholars and professionals doing food work. Participants identified three themes to serve as guides for actions taking place over next year; organizing into workgroups focusing on building food studies across CUNY, promoting food security and improved campus food at CUNY, and studying the connections among immigration, food and health.
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Upcoming Events
Urban Food Policy Forum: How Will Technology Influence Food Workers In The Next 10 Years?

June 22, 2017 5:30pm - 7:00pm
CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy
55 West 125th Street, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10027

This forum focuses on current and future issues facing food workers, particularly those in cities, in the context of changes to the worker/employer relationship brought about by technological advances like increased automation, peer to peer transactions through sharing economy apps like Uber, high-tech urban agriculture, and online meal delivery services. Utilizing food jobs as a lens, we’ll explore how a range of industries continue to evolve as a result of changes in technology and the city, state and federal policies that encourage technological advances.
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Urban Food Policy Forum: Building a Food Movement in New York in the Age of Trump
On May 11th food writer Mark Bittman moderated a panel of organizers, community health advocates and academics that explored how the food movement can align with local and national environmental, labor, immigrant rights, affordable housing, and healthcare reform movements to resist actions by the federal government under by President Trump, that harm health.

View the full discussion and find additional readings on our website.
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Urban Food Policy Forum: What Would it Take to Grow a Regional Food Economy?

On April 25th the Institute held a forum on growing the New York State regional food economy, inviting experts from values-driven food businesses, nonprofits and government to discuss current efforts to enhance connections between upstate New York farmers and downstate consumers.

View the full discussion and find additional readings on our website.
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Big Hunger: The Unholy Alliance between Corporate America nad Anti-Hunger Groups

On May 18th Andy Fisher, Adjunct Instructor, Portland State University School of Public Health, gave a talk on his new book, Big Hunger: The Unholy Alliance between Corporate America and Anti-Hunger Groups (MIT Press). Toni Liquori of School Food FOCUS and Greg Silberman of West Side Campaign Against Hunger served as respondents.

View the full discussion and find additional readings on our website.
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