(and we say when because we know you do!!),  go to: https://smile.amazon.com/ 
and nominate WORDNET PRODUCTIONS as your partner in this endeavor.

You’ll shop the exact same website (Same products! Same prices! Same service!) with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to WORDNET PRODUCTIONS. 

(And by the way, we want to thank our friends that have made it possible for Wordnet to receive $347 since we took advantage of this offer and partnered with Amazon for this windfall!)

So please consider choosing WORDNET PRODUCTIONS as the recipient of your largess on your first visit to Amazon Smile and you are on your way. 
And read!  For Goodness Sake!

If Amazon isn't for you, please consider visiting our website: www.wordnet.tv and light a candle in our prayer room. We will always include--and join--you in prayer!

Thank you and "May Jesus' love for you, make you smile!"
Take time out for a morning meditation in English or Spanish.  Choose your preference here and take time out for the Holy Spirit to guide you today!