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Chords are Key for Guitar
Have you ever wanted to learn the guitar but simply find it difficult to find the time?  In just a few hours you can learn!  This crash course will teach you some basic chords and get you playing along with your favorite songs right away.  Bring your acoustic guitar. Class limited to 15 students.  For ages 13+.  For more information go to justonceclasses.com.  Fee Includes an online  book and

Chords are Key for Piano

Some music teachers may not want you to know this, but you don’t need years of weekly lessons to learn piano.  In just a few hours, you can learn enough secrets of the trade to give you years of musical enjoyment.  .  And you can learn all the chords you’ll need to play any song in this one session.  Any song. Any style.  Any key.  If you can find middle C and know the meaning of Every Good Boy Does Fine, you already know enough to enroll in this workshop.  

Guitar Lessons

Monday s- Tom (Gaetano) Letizia specializes in a personal approach to each students musical needs and goals. Students and parents can choose a personalized program - from just learning how to play songs for fun at home, working on being in a rock band or performing as solo. He has been playing and teaching guitar professionally for decades in Northern Ohio. He has eight original albums to his credit and his Rock, Blues and Jazz groups have toured the USA.  Classic Rock, Blues, Jazz and Classical Guitar are some of the styles Tom combines to help his students learn to enjoy music playing guitar.  You can see Tom's pages on Facebook and on his website under Gaetano Letizia. Tom and his wife Kris have lived in Bainbridge for over 20 years. Please contact the KCE office at 440-543-2552 to set up your 1/2 hour time slot for this 5 week session.  $12 Material fee for book as needed.  No class 5/28
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