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Dear --FNAME--,

I don't know about you, but I only want to change if its easy and makes me better. Doesn't that sound like an enticing plan? Let's sign up! I'll take a magic pill and  wake up tomorrow richer, prettier, with bigger boobs and a new Tesla. If I only have that, I'll suddenly get a better boyfriend, like Elon Musk or Justin Trudeau. Yeah.

Change is playing me like an awkward teenager full of angst. I'm going through a mid-life reckoning and my perspective is coloured by rumination and hormonal ups and downs, so my daily tasks seem more arduous. My resistance to change is piqued, even though the new year is upon us and the push to innovate is pressing.

Yet by changing bit by bit, day after day, I've generated a spiritual foundation and a life of loving service. You've changed rapidly or gradually and the results are both due to your direction or lack of it. The work we do at the studio intentionally creates physical change--better health, fitness and well being--better sex, relationships and greater confidence. SWERVE is the result of the accumulated changes of it's clientele and staff, committing to regular workouts even though they can be ungraceful, sweaty and uncomfortable. We're together in this.

The Womens March next Saturday, January 20th is one more venue for our intentional change. We will be uncomfortable in the cold and the crowds, on the metro and in the streets, yet we will demonstrate our solidarity, our strength and our love--love for ourselves, for one another, for our democracy, for freedom, femininity, progress and for justice! We will make history and we will make peace. This change is welcomed and we, together are ready for it.


Gillian Alexandria Clark

How will we focus on changing this year?
Our group meets at the Santa Monica Metro station at 7am on March Day. Email me directly for more info.
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