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Week of December 3, 2017

From the Rector

Dear Friends,

We each do our part to make Christmas Canterbury at beautiful each year.  This week you might help us begin to prepare for Christmas by:

  • Joining Sylvia+ and Edwina to help shape the liturgy for our 7PM "Classical & Contemplative" Christmas eve service  (Monday, 12/4 at 8AM.)
  • Dropping by the church office to help fold and staple service leaflets for our Christmas services  (Wednesday, 12/6 at 8:30AM) 
  • Signing up in the Parish Hall to help with Christmas Greening & De-Greening, Christmas Eve Liturgies (4PM "multigenerational/multicultural" or 7PM "classical/contemplative") and Christmas Eve Potluck Supper.
  • Setting aside time and space to prepare your heart for the mysteries of this holy season.  Check out our Advent Page if you need inspiration.  
Enjoy and share...

O Dayspring, brightness of light everlasting and Sun of Righteousness: Come and enlighten those who sit in darkness and the shadow of death. Amen​​​​​​​ 

In person at church AND on facebook

For a complete list of scheduled events at the church, including weekly 12 step meetings and outside groups, visit our Church Calendar Page

Monday, December 4th

8AM Christmas Eve (7PM Service) Liturgy Planning

Tuesday, December 5th

3:30PM Campus Coffee Break @ UNM

5:30PM Supper, Songs & Solidarity

7PM Contemplate

8PM Evening Prayer (Atrium & Facebook)

Wednesday, December 6th
8:30AM Office Volunteer Workday
Help wanted folding & stapling service leaflet for our Christmas services
9:30AM Canterbury Communion Service at Atria Senior Center
11AM Prayer Group
12PM Holy Eucharist

Sunday, December 10th

8AM Kenyan Outreach Gift Sale

9AM Advent Series, Session 4

11:30AM Vestry meeting

Sunday, December 17th

8AM Kenyan Outreach Gift Sale

9AM FINAL Budget Town Hall Meeting

10AM Combined Liturgy (10AM/Todos)

11:30AM "Greening of the Church" 

We're combining the 10AM & TODOS service on this date so that ALL our members can pitch in to help us "deck the halls!"

3:30PM Couples Class


8AM Advent IV Service (single, simple morning service)
4PM Christmas Eve Service (lively, multi-cultural, multi-generational)
5:30PM Potluck Christmas Dinner
7PM Christmas Eve Service (quiet, contemplative, classical)

December 25-30 : Church Office Closed

Sunday, December 31st
8AM & 10AM Holy Eucharist

Sunday, January 28th
11:30AM-1:30PM Potluck Lunch & Annual Meeting
ALL friends and members are encouraged to attend this important meeting where we elect vestry members & deanery delegates, present our annual budget, thank our ministry leaders, celebrate the year that's past, look forward to a new year of ministry together.  


     ​​​​​Christmas at Canterbury
    Shaping the Liturgy for our 7PM Service
    This Monday, 12/4, 8-10AM
    Christmas at Canterbury is always beautiful!  This year we're putting  additional creative thought into shaping our 7PM (classical & contemplative) service  to deepen our sense of deep quiet, mystery, and beauty in ways that we believe will be deeply nourishing to members of Canterbury AND the larger community. If you would like to share in the work of shaping this "classical & contemplative" Christmas Eve service, you are welcome to join Sylvia+, Edwina, and our team of Christmas liturgy planners this Monday, December 4th from 8-10AM.  

    Calling all ARTISTS!
    It's time to update "Canterbury Creative Corner"
    It's time to update our Canterbury Creativity Corner (on the wall just outside the entrance to the parish hall and on our website.)  I invite you to spend the coming weeks praying and creating art, photographs, and poetry inspired by the O Antiphons. You can find all 7 O Antiphons on our Advent Page. If you need further inspiration, check out the art supplies set up in the Parish Hall.  Please email your art, photographs, and poetry, inspired by the O Antiphons, to Sylvia+ so she can post it in our Creative Corner. 

    Call for Candidates for Vestry & Deanery in 2018
    At our upcoming Annual Meeting (Sunday, January 28th, 11:30AM) we will do important "business" as a congregation.  In particular, we will elect 3 Members to serve on our Vestry and we will elect 2 Members to serve as delegates to Deanery and Diocesan Convention.  You can learn more about our vestry, and the responsibilities and commitments that members of the vestry make on our Vestry Page. Deanery/Convention delegates represent Canterbury at quarterly Deanery meetings and our annual Diocesan Convention.  Why do these ministries matter?  The vestry is crucial in leading  the parish as we move out of a period of transition into a new season of growth and vitality at Canterbury.  This year's Deanery delegates have the privilege and responsibility of casting their vote to elect our next Bishop at a special Election Convention in May.  If you would like to run for election as a vestry member OR deanery delegate, please contact our Sr. Warden, Joe Lane, NO LATER than DECEMBER 15th!  

    Help Wanted: Advent Prayer Leaders
    We're still looking for a few more  Leaders for Advent Evening Prayer on Facebook.  Sign up to lead Advent Evening Prayer on facebook here.  (Everything you need to know in order to lead Evening Prayer on facebook is on this page.)  The only qualifications you need to serve as a prayer leader is the DESIRE to deepen your own prayer life by leading God's people in prayer.  Join us in this holy work!  

    This Week's Thanksgivings
    We all "make church together" each week at Canterbury, helping out in a thousand different ways, small and large! We give thanks for all your good work--especially the many good deeds that go unseen!   Whenever you catch someone doing a good deed for Canterbury, please mark it on the white board in the office, so we can say THANK YOU!

    This week we extend special thanks to:

    Everyone who contributed to the Canterbury Kids Pancake Breakfast , especially: Eads Family, Miller-Mutia Family, Cummings Family, Ken, Eileen, Barney

    Leaf Blowers: Fred & Seth

    Kitchen & Sacristy Laundry: Janet, Barney, Pat

    Kitchen Cleaning & Organizing: Ramona, Franklin & Arlinda, Annie

    Costco Run: Nancy 

      PLEASE REMEMBER TO LOG YOUR HOURS OF SERVICE ON THE SHEET IN THE CHURCH OFFICE!  This helps us have a holistic picture of stewardship at Canterbury, and an accurate understanding of what it takes to run the church!  


        Pastoral Needs and Ministry Opportunities

    Items for Prisoners
    If you have 2018 Calendars (NOT spiral bound) or Christmas cards you would like to donate the prisoners at the Los Lunas Correctional Facility, please contact Canterbury Member Warren Smith.

    10AM Coffee Hour Coordinator
    As of January 1st, Edwina Beard will be retiring from her role as "Coffee Hour Coordinator" for the 10AM service.  If you feel called to help coordinate this important ministry of hospitality, please contact Edwina or Sylvia+.

    Canterbury's Bereavement Team
    Bereavement and grief are part of life.  Grief is hard and holy work, and it is work that we cannot do on our own. That's why we are forming a Bereavement Team at Canterbury to help support our members in the hard and holy work of moving through grief after a loss.  It doesn't take much--a prayer, a card, a phone call, a cup of coffee--every little gesture can become a sign and instrument of God's comfort and presence in the wake of loss.  We are in the very beginning stages of forming Canterbury's Bereavement Team.  If this is a ministry to which you feel called, please contact Sylvia+.   

    COMMUNITY NEWS​​​​​​​ 

    Community Groups at Canterbury
    Canterbury offers a space of spiritual refuge and healing, not only for our members, but for many others in our community including those who come for:
    AA (Sundays & Thursdays, 7PM)
    DA (Mondays, 5:30PM)
    ACOA (Wednesdays, 7PM)
    SLAA (Tuesdays & Thursdays, 7PM)
    NA (Saturday, 5PM)
    NA-Young People (Saturday, 8:30PM)

    Regular Weekly Schedule for Sylvia+

    Sundays 7AM-8PM
    Monday 7AM-1 PM
    Tuesday 7AM-8PM
    Wednesday 7AM-1PM
    Thursday 7AM-1PM

    Please Note: While I am engaged in church business during these hours, I may not always be in the office, as I am often meeting with parishioners or involved in other off-site meetings and events. The best way to contact me during my office hours is text or call the church office at 505-247-2515 or email    If you need to contact me  on URGENT business or in case of PASTORAL EMERGENCY outside of my office hours please text or call me at 510-932-1315.


    Pastoral Care at Canterbury

    Each week we bring communion from our Sunday Eucharist to the sick and homebound.  If you would like to join our team of Eucharistic Visitors, or if you desire a visit or other pastoral support, please contact Sylvia+ by email (   or phone/text at the church office(505-247-2515) during regular office hours (Mon-Thurs 7AM-1PM)  so we can help connect you with the support you need.  In case of urgent pastoral emergencies, please text or call Sylvia+ directly (510-932-1315).

    Canterbury Prayer Requests

    To submit a prayer request to the Canterbury Prayer Group, simply email  To join the group and receive weekly prayer requests by email, simply email and ask to be added to the group.   

    Rota (Schedule of Lay Leaders for Sunday Services)

    It takes many hearts & hands to make our liturgies happen each week!  EVERYONE--newcomers and experienced leaders, youth and adults--is welcome and encouraged to get involved.

    Simply sign up  on the schedule posted in the entryway.  Add your name wherever there's an opening.  If you need information or training for any ministry, just ask!


    Canterbury Communications

    Canterbury Communications is published each week. The document is sent to the parish family via e-mail.  A few printed copies are also available each Sunday. The deadline for submitting articles or information to be included in the publication is Sunday at Noon.  Email

    Vestry Business

    Links to recent vestry meeting minutes, financial reports, and committee reports to the vestry can be found on the website at the top our Vestry Page. Current info about  church finances can be found on our Stewardship & Finance page.


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    The Lectionary page (To find the Sunday Scripture Readings)
    (We are using "Track 2" readings at Canterbury)

    Our Mission

    We are a reconciling community of Christians who are nurtured at the Lord's Table, grounded in the truths of Scripture and the traditions of the Church, and sustained through prayer. We are called by God and empowered by the Holy Spirit to:

    Celebrate the joy of God's presence
    Feed the hungry, heal the wounded, and welcome the stranger
    Cherish diversity and strive for unity as one family in Christ
    Engage in active ministry to the UNM and CNM
    Honor God in all Creation