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The Power of Hope Amegy Bank Online Auction Event
The Power of Hope Amegy Bank exhibition, curated by John Bernhard, unveiled how we can unite forces through art and education to spread peace and hope to children, teachers and communities in at-risk environments both in Houston and around the world.

International artists including Marjon Aucoin, Elena Ferrero, Maura Ferrero, Sacha Lazarre, Karine Parker, Michael Martin, and Dandee Warhol shared their messages of hope and responded artistically to the work created by at-risk students who participated in the Texan-French Alliance for the Arts' Be the Peace Be the Hope Alliance program in the U.S. and across the world.

We are now delighted to announce that we have launched our online auction website:

Click on "Register as a bidder" to create an account and click on the catalogue tab to begin bidding on your favorite pieces. 

The show will be exhibited from September 27th until October 26th on our auction website.

*All proceeds will help fund the art materials and workshop supplies Be the Peace Be the Hope will use across Houston in the upcoming school year.

Our team is excited to announce that the Texan-French Alliance for the Arts (TFAA) is a recipient of the Bridge Up Innovation Grant from the Menninger Clinic, one of the nation’s top psychiatric hospitals and a leader in mental health care. With this grant the TFAA's Be the Peace-Be the Hope (BTPBTH) social and emotional learning (SEL) therapeutic arts program in partnership with Las Americas Newcomer school will help to detect mental and behavioral issues in at-risk youth and prevent disengagement, delinquency, bullying and on-campus violence at Las Americas Newcomer School for the entire 2018-2019 school year.

This year-long BTPBTH program serves two classrooms consisting of 50 6th - 8th graders, where 100% of the students are considered at-risk. Las Americas is a campus that educates recent immigrant and refugee students with limited English language proficiency. 

Throughout the year BTPBTH is providing its core SEL workshops, as well as collaborating their practices with partners specializing in creative and therapeutic disciplines. Students will learn SEL tools through these creative classes, taught by The W.I.D.E. School, Prelude Music Foundation, Houston Grand Opera co, Literacy through photography at Fotofest, Houston HISD Multilingual Department, Urban Movement, Multicultural Education and Counselling through the Arts, Xavier Educational Academy, and receive mental health support by the Houston Galveston InstituteThe Alliance Wellness Center and The Center for Healing Arts and Sciences. Towards the end of the year, the students will use these new found skills to create a project or presentation that positively reflects their school community.
Your Support Matters!
In order to keep providing our BTPBTH social and emotional workshops to students in Houston, we need your support! We will be working with more kids and classrooms for the 2018-2019 school year, which requires supplies, snacks and dedicated expert facilitators and coordinators to lead classrooms.

Join us to make sure these children receive the social and emotional attention they need in order to thrive. Help us inspire our youth to find Peace and Hope!
Adopt a Student and contribute towards their continued growth & development through workshops and scholarships. It costs $150 to send Alejandra through the Be the Peace- Be the Hope social & emotional healing arts program. Please help Alejandra recover from post-Harvey trauma, bullying, isolation and lack of hope.
Adopt a classroom for $2,500. 77% of H.I.S.D. students are underprivileged. A high percentage of these youth are isolated or detached from their environment due to todays threatening conditions (including bullying, gangs, extremists, child trafficking, poverty) and lack the education they need in order to survive and thrive.
Want to join the movement and make a difference?

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