An invitation to participate in our Visioning Process,
from our Vision Team

In 2019, we will begin an inclusive, collective, Holy Spirit-led visioning process that will inform our ministry commitments and chart the future of Advent.

As an integral and invaluable member of our community at Advent, your participation will play a vital role in making our visioning process an amazing success.

Please join us for the first major step in this process, our Vision & Mission Retreat from 10am-2pm Saturday, January 12 here at Advent. RSVP >
Why a Vision & Mission Retreat? As a congregation, we will need to make many decisions based on our shared vision and mission for our church. It starts with gathering as one community and it starts with our faith.
Your role: You are a beloved child of God and an irreplaceable member of the Body of Christ here at Advent. In the Body of Christ, every member is essential and makes us whole. You have something to say and share that no one else does. We need your voice and your experience to create a vision and mission for Advent that authentically reflects our whole community and the movement of the Holy Spirit here.

We are asking not just for your input, but for your faithful participation in this process as we engage with the Gospel, learn from the perspectives of other Advent members, and move forward in understanding, love, and solidarity as a church together.
We aspire for Advent's vision and mission to represent all voices here at Advent, and for this process to bring us together as a community. That's why we set the goal to have 70% of Advent's worshiping and giving members attend our Vision & Mission Retreat (that's 150 people!), and 33% of our participants be Spanish-speaking (proportional to our membership).
Inclusivity & Accessibility: We're doing our best to make it possible for everyone to participate in our Vision & Mission Retreat. Our retreat will be bilingual, include childcare, and lunch. If you're unable to join us due to work, mobility, or other reasons, we'll be live-streaming the retreat here, and we'll provide take-home materials at Advent the following two Sundays and in our e-letter the following two weeks. We will continue this commitment to include everyone throughout our visioning process.
In this same spirit, please make the commitment to participate in our visioning process in the new year. As a disciple of Christ, this process will ignite your faith with passion and purpose. It will awaken and energize our connections to the Gospel, one another, the community we serve, and the movement of the Holy Spirit here.

To begin the journey with us, please commit to be present in body, mind, and spirit at our Vision & Mission Retreat from 10am-2pm Saturday, January 12 here at Advent. If you can't be here, join us live online or get the take-home materials afterward. Help make our retreat inclusive and successful by RSVPing yourself and inviting everyone you know at Advent.
We look forward to welcoming you into this visioning process with us, as we are guided by the Holy Spirit to create a Gospel-inspired, collectively-owned, actionable, and inspirational vision and mission for Advent Lutheran Church.
- Kevin, Jon, and Dorothy, Vision Team co-chairs
An Overview of our Visioning Process
After a month since the Vision Team began our work at the start of December, we are very excited to share with you a full overview of our visioning process.

The webpage will serve as an outline and central hub of new information throughout our visioning process.

Our Vision Team
We are a team of passionate, engaged, open-minded Advent members and staff assembled by Advent's Congregation Council to lead this visioning process. We are very honored and excited to welcome you into this process with us.

Above is a photo from our most recent meeting in December. We have few more members not pictured here. Click below to meet the whole team!
Have Questions?

If you have questions about our visioning process, first check out our Visioning Process FAQs >

If none of these answer your question, feel free to reply to this email with your question.

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