Some parts of Holy Week can seem so serious that it feels difficult to get kids involved. But the solemnity of days like Maundy Thursday and Good Friday doesn't mean kids can't get into the whole experience and message of Holy Week.

We've compiled a list of faith-grounded activities you can do with your kids and teens on each major day of Holy Week.

Palm Sunday: Make Palm Crosses

One fun thing for kids and teens to do on Palm Sunday is to make a cross out of their palm leaf! We'll be giving out palms at worship this Sunday. Here's a simple video tutorial on how to make one into a cross.

Maundy Thursday: Foot Washing at Advent

Depending on their age, foot washing may seem silly or gross to kids (maybe some parents, too). We think it's a break from the regular elements of worship, and that our discomfort with it is what makes Jesus washing his disciples' feet such a profound example of how far he wants us to go in serving (and accepting the care of) others. Which is why we're including an optional foot washing in our Maundy Thursday worship service at 7:30pm next Thursday, March 24.

See if your child or teen will go for it! If they are not about it, remind them that foot washing is a symbol of all kinds of ways we can serve our neighbor, and have everyone in the family choose something to do at home or at church to serve others on Maundy Thursday instead.

Good Friday: Stations of the Cross at Advent

Since schools are off on Good Friday, we have a 12pm Good Friday worship service geared toward families (but great for adults, too). Kids, teens, and parents will get to explore sensory stations that follow Jesus on his journey to the cross.

We're inviting kids, youth, and families to participate in leading our stations. Jessica (Sunday School), Vicar Nancy (Confirmation), or I (Youth) will be reaching out to some people individually this week, but you can let us know now if you're interested.

Easter Vigil: Christ Candle at Home

Light a Christ Candle at home the Saturday night before Easter. This tutorial shows you an easy way for your kids to decorate the candle in spring fashion with just some blades of grass and a glue stick.

Easter: Why Eggs?

Many of you will probably do something with eggs on Easter, whether you're hiding them, hunting them, painting them, or just eating a lot of them. But have you ever wondered: Why did eggs become associated with the resurrection of Jesus Christ? For the longest time I personally thought it was just another commercial appropriation of a religious holiday, like Santa Clause and Christmas presents. But the answer is actually theological, and much simpler: the egg is a symbol of new life.

So while you're doing whatever you do with eggs as a family, share with your kids why eggs are involved in this special day for our church.

Easter: Easter Breakfast

As is tradition, all middle and high school youth are invited to be the hosts of our Easter Breakfast fundraiser on Easter Morning. All funds donated will go toward youth ministry at Advent. We'll meet bright and early at 8am downstairs in the kitchen to start setting up and cooking pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Breakfast runs from 10-11am. I'd appreciate if you'd send a quick note if you know you can help out.

I hope you find one or all of these activities helpful in engaging your family in Holy Week. I'm looking forward to seeing you all at Advent for Palm Sunday this Sunday and throughout next week!



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