Volume 8, Issue 8
August, 2015
Greetings from CoachDeck!

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In this issue:
Have you seen a dominant, superstar youth soccer player? Tony Earp returns wondering if that's such a good thing. Brian Gotta asks if you're a "Before" or an "After" coach. And, Dr. Darrell Burnett is back with the first of a multi-part article all youth coaches ought to be required to read.

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Team of One
By Tony Earp

Spending some time at a soccer tournament this past weekend and watching a lot of youth soccer games, mainly U12 and under, I noticed something very interesting. On many teams, the same player was being called on to do almost everything on the field. The same player always took each direct kick, goal kick, corner kick, or any other set piece for the team, and the team tried to get this player the ball as often as possible. You could probably guess which player this was? Read Article
Are You a "Before" or "After" Coach?
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

It was one of the first examples of “after” coaching I'd seen. And since then I've witnessed many more instances in baseball, softball, soccer and other sports. A “before” coach is what I've always hoped I was and tried to be. Experience certainly helps, but even a novice can work on coaching before, instead of after. Read Article

Behavior Checklist for Youth Coaches
By Dr. Darrell Burnett

When the UCLA Sports Laboratory surveyed children for the main reasons why they continue to participate in youth sports, the number one reason given was positive coach support. It is extremely important that we, as coaches, remember that a successful youth coach is defined not in terms of a won-loss record... Read Article
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