NOVEMBER 27, 2019
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For many, estate planning includes specific wishes to pass items of sentimental value to specific beneficiaries. For some, this might be a classic car or an heirloom piece of jewelry – but for those who share a passion for a favorite football team with a child or other beneficiary, the ability to pass on season tickets might be one of the most memorable and meaningful components of your plan. The ability to do so varies from program to program. More on Season Ticket Transfers and Estate Planning Here >
The most difficult issues and decisions presented in the family business succession planning context often relate to business control and personnel—identifying or choosing who will control and manage the business and how to keep key employees in place.  This article will not address these difficult topics.  Rather, this article will illustrate how, after ownership, personnel and management succession decisions have been made, careful estate planning through lifetime transfers might lessen the family's eventual estate tax burden. Find Out More on Family Business Transfers Here >
Deciding what to do with a marital home during a divorce can be tricky. Sometimes one or both parties wishes to retain the house after the divorce by buying the other spouse out of their interest. Other times, the parties may choose to sell the home either during the divorce or after the divorce is finalized.  There are financial and personal benefits to selling the marital house in the midst of the divorce process. The profits gained from the sale of the home might provide each spouse with the means to start anew post-divorce. It can also provide closure both legally and emotionally. Find Out More on Divorce and Real Estate Here >
On July 30, 2019, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed SB 30 into law, changing existing law to permit opposite-sex couples under the age of 62 years old to register as domestic partners. Those who enter into domestic partnerships have the same rights, protections, and benefits as spouses under California law, including the right, if otherwise eligible, to use sick time, take protected leave pursuant to the California Family Rights Act, or receive Paid Family Leave benefits from the State, in order to care for a spouse with a qualifying health issue, among other rights. Read More on Democratic Tax Policy Proposals Here >
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