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❤️  The Healing Power of Touch                ❤️  Denmark's The Human Library
❤️  Warriors of the Rainbow                      ❤️  Heart Chakra Communication 
❤️  Connecting to Mother Earth                ❤️  ACG's Heart-to-Heart Listening
Hugging, holding hands, hanging out, looking into someone's eyes, always so healing and empowering. We're living in a crazy world right now where touch is no longer safe or appropriate. A new option? Heart-to-Heart Listening.
THE HUMAN LIBRARY __ In Denmark people have started an amazing initiative inside certain libraries where you can choose to 'borrow' a person, instead of a book, to listen to the history of their life for about 30 minutes. The point? Limiting prejudice. Everyone has a 'title' such as 'Unemployed', 'Refugee', 'Bipolar', 'Trumper', 'Karen', 'Manly Man,' 'Tree Hugger', 'Social Activist' or whatever the title du jour, but once we listen to their personal story, we are always given reasons to realize on a heart level why we should never "judge a book by its cover." This innovative and brilliant project, now active in over 50 countries, is a powerful initiative of The Human Library.
SPIRITUALITY & TECHNOLOGY __ Taking our cue from the empowering energy of the The Human Library, Arena Creative Group now offers free, private, one-on-one, open hearted zoom meetings for anyone who would like to connect. Combining the spiritual power of the heart with the technology of the internet to "See" and "Hear" and "Feel" your heart-centered personal energy. 
HEART-TO-HEART LISTENING __ To set up a private, confidential, Heart-to-Heart Listening meeting send an email bill.arena@mac.com. In this crazy world of mask wearing, social distancing, fear mongering, let us join hearts in a simple and energetically healing way. 
Personal, private, confidential sacred energy connection
combining spirituality and technology in real time
* We HEAR each other   * We SEE each other
CONNECTING TO MOTHER EARTH __ During these crazy times of Covid consciousness many people are stuck inside in virtual isolation from the world. It's more important than ever right now to get out into Mother Nature and connect on a physical and spiritual level. Although our Alcatraz Invitational has been cancelled this year we're so grateful to continue cold water, socially distant, respectful, open ocean swim training in a good way right here in San Francisco Bay. Connecting with Mother Nature is the perfect medicine.
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VOL 20, ISSUE 9 ____SEPTEMBER, 2020
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