November 2015

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8:30 am
"Bands & Barres"
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with Krista Ramirez

8250 West 3rd St. #205
Los Angeles, CA 90048  
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Hello Beloved SWERVER,
It appears to have finally cooled off in our beautiful City of Angeles. Across the country we're experiencing the Autumn set in, now that we've reverted to Standard Time. This begins the dark period, when we naturally seek the internal and the shelter of the lighted indoors. This is the perfect time for using inner strength and self-mettle to face the challenges of this season. Now is an ideal moment to further cultivate intuition, so that the decisions you make and the actions you take come from the heart.

This is the season for giving--our thanks, generosity, assistance, time, expertise and love. I identify myself as a giver, consistently taking action to make micro-investments of my skills and energy, in order to be of service to others and this planet. This is your invitation to join me and all of our SWERVE community in stepping it up this month, to give more.

Prioritize your giving to include yourself, investing in the source of your ability to give. Offer your gifts to those nearest and dearest and then to those that are important to you, rather than scattering about your efforts. Studies show that consolidated, focused and deliberate generosity is more rewarding than general giving.

At SWERVE we strive to give back to Mother Earth through our conservation efforts. We are going paperless in 2016 and we ask you to prepare now by downloading MindBody Express on your devices. Please sign in for classes and workouts in advance online. It's easy and its a great way to give. Click the logo below to get the ap.


Gillian Alexandria Clark

This coupon entitles any  SWERVE
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Expires 11/30/2015. In-person, or sign in advance online.