December 2017
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Margaret HeelyReflections: Thinking Like a Futurist
by Margaret Heely, Kerygma CE Specialist

Recently, I heard a radio interview with a forecaster of trends in business and industry who stated that the key to forecasting is looking at both what’s trending today AND past events and cycles. In previous moments of change people have acted and reacted in similar ways. All of us must make decisions or plans of action that impact others as well as ourselves. If we do not make an effort to understand the future impact of our actions today, we all suffer the consequences.

How these observations apply to living as Christians in our world, I thought. When we focus only on the future we can become short-sighted and anxious. Reflecting on how people of faith have faced uncertainty in the past can help us learn to trust God with the unknowns of our time. 

This is why Bible study is essential. We have access to a book (actually, 66) containing historical narratives, songs and poetry of God’s people as they dealt with the known and unknown circumstances of their times. This is why GROUP Bible study is also important. We can read, reflect, and learn together from actions taken by God’s people over the centuries and decisions they made, [both good and not-so-good] to live faithfully as God’s people.
For Your Planning
​​​​​​​A 2017 Moment to Remember and Reflect
The 500th anniversary of the start of the Reformation gives the 21st century church reason to pause and ask ourselves how we are fulfilling God’s call to be the church in our place and time. Use Kerygma’s newly revised study of Romans to understand how Paul’s letter made an impact on Martin Luther and his writings that would launch a wave of reform within the church.
ROMANS: A Letter for Today - Reformation Edition
By Calvin J. Roetel  | 15 or 9 Sessions.

A new chapter, “Celebrating Luther’s Reading of Romans” can be used as a standalone session to observe the anniversary of the start of the Reformation or as an introduction to the study of Romans.

The revised Leader's Guide includes Dr. Roetzel's suggested consolidation without missing any of Paul's important message to the Romans. Also includes a New Slide Presentation.

2017 - year to study the Gospel of Matthew

Considered by many to be a manual for Christian discipleship. See how the church is to be the “ekklesia”, the Greek term for an assembly of ones who are called out.
Suggestions for Use: to coincide with Lectionary Year A readings from Matthew:  Split the 14 sessions with 7  in the spring and 7 in the fall, or 14 sessions throughout the summer.

Other Matthew Moments for Lectionary Year A
By John C. Purdy   6 Sessions  ​​​​​​​

The Lord's Prayer is among the greatest treasures of faith.  This study explores the key phrases of the Lord's Prayer as they lead us to greater spirituality and growth.

By John C. Purdy  6 Sessions   ​​​​​​​

Examining the Old Testament roots and context of the Beatitudes and exploring the contemporary implications of these powerful words, participants discover fresh understanding and insights to enrich faith.
Other studies to introduce participants to the Bible 
Give them a foundation for faith this year and for years to come!
By Boyd Lien  30 Sessions  

Introduce your congregation to the people, places and stories of the Bible and discover where The Story lives in your story!

By James A. Walther  7 Sessions

Your Bible the Study BeginsAn introduction to the library of books which are the foundation of our faith. Provides a refreshing orientation to the Book and opens a door of understanding to all other Bible study. 

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