December 2019
     Illinois Higher Education Center had a successful Fall Affiliate Meeting on December 2, 2019! We began our day with a CORE presentation, followed by a group-led discussion, a Mindfulness presentation led by Jim Almeda and Kerri Calvert, and concluded with an advisory board meeting. We want to thank ISU for hosting our event, and everyone else that was able to join us! 
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The purpose of an IHEC consultation visit is for campuses to enhance or strengthen their current programming, provide data to justify need for future programming, and to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations. IHEC staff members are available to guide colleges and universities in assessment, planning, and evaluation of campus AODV prevention efforts through technical assistance and use of assessment instruments developed for this project. Through consultation visits IHEC expects to fuel universities to make changes for the better.

After the consultation has been completed, IHEC staff members will provide the campus representative with a comprehensive report that will guide campuses toward progressive AODV prevention modifications. Consultation visits typically take a day, and can be coordinated with an array of faculty members. You can also visit for additional information. 

Upcoming Events 

Date: December 10, 2019
Place: Webinar
Presenter: Matt Vogel
Title: Synthetics 101: An Exploration of Trends and Impacts
Time: 11am

Date: January 7, 2020
Place: Webinar
Presenter: Dave Closson
Title: ‘Communi-versity’: Campus and Community Collaboration to Address Substance Misuse
Time: 10am

Date: February 5, 2020
Place: Eastern Illinois University- Effingham Room
Presenter: Dr. Eric Davidson
Title: Drug-Free Schools Training
Time: 9am-4pm

Date: February 12, 2020
Presenter: Tessa Miracle
Place: Webinar
Title: Prescription Drug Misuse Prevention: Strategies for You
Time: 11am

Date: March 31, 2020
Presenter: Dr. Jill Bowers
Place: Webinar
Title: College Students' Perception of Alcohol/Drug
Prevention Initiatives 
Time: 1pm

Date: April 6, 2020
Presenter: Amelia Burke-Garcia
Place: Webinar
Title: Digital and Social Media Use in Research 
Time: 2pm

Spring Affiliate Meeting- March 18-19, 2020
IHEC is excited to announce that we will be having the Spring Affiliate meeting at Illinois State University on March 18-19, 2020 from: 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. on March 18th
9:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. on March 19th.
We will have Dr. Aaron Weiner and Michael P. McNeil as our presenters. 
Register Here!
2020 CORE Survey
The Illinois Department of Human Services, the Illinois Higher Education Center (IHEC) for Alcohol, Other Drug and Violence Prevention, and the Core Institute together provide the Illinois Alcohol and Other Drug Statewide Core Survey. The purpose of the survey is to establish the current incidence and prevalence of alcohol and other drug use on Illinois 2 and 4-year college campuses; negative consequences associated with use; the relationship of alcohol and other drug use to campus climate issues; students’ perception of others’ use; beliefs regarding use; experiences of secondhand effects of others’ use; experiences of physical and sexual violence; and perceptions of risk related to use.

Deadline: December 15, 2019

Please click here : 2020 CORE Survey Registration
Thank you and we look forward to your response! 
Continuing Education Units (CEU's)
 IHEC offers free CEU's at all webinars and training's! 

 For more information about what CEU's we will be offering please contact us.


Closing Comments
IHEC truly values feedback from our affiliates. Your feedback allows us to continue to make improvements in order to better meet your needs. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any comments, concerns or suggestions by emailing us at We are looking forward to another great year!
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