Feb 10, 2020

Installation Service for Rev. Willio Blanc as Pastor at
New Generation Church of the Nazarene

On Sunday, February 2, 2020, Rev. Willo Blanc was installed as the new pastor at the Jessup Haitian Church of the Nazarene.  District superintendent, Dr. David W. Bowser, along with Rev. Roland Edouard, and several other Haitian pastors participated in this special service.  We congratulate the Jessup congregation and welcome Pastor Blanc to our ministry team.

Lead With Love
February 21-23

A Leadership Retreat 
for Women
in Ministry


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Free Items Available

The following items are available from the district office. Please contact the office at 443.557.0450 if interested.

  • Two 110 inch vertical blinds (neutral colors) about 7 feet in depth. These hung in the conference room.

  • Two Post Office Boxes for church mail - pictured here:


Wednesday, February 12 - Deadline For All Pastor's Reports

Thursday, February 13 - Staff Pastor's Cohort Meeting @ District Missional Resource Center (10:00 AM)

Thursday, February 20 - C-Church Cohort Meeting @ District Missional Resource Center (10:00 AM)

Friday, February 21 - District Advisory Board and Action Committees
@ District Missional Resource Center (10:00 AM)
Williamson Bible Institute
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Rev. M. Lorraine Ottinger, retired elder passed away on Thursday, February 6 at the age of 99.5.

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