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OCTOBER 5, 2016
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Board Member Torah Readers

Your board members are already highly involved in the temple.  They surely deserve honor for the work they do because so much of it is 'behind the scenes.'  We are changing that and honoring the board members, one at a time, as they honor us as they read Torah on a Friday night.  On October 7, Barry Edison, a Beth Miriam Vice-President, will ascend the bima and lead us in a reading.  Mazal tov, Barry! 
Between the Days of Awe Cemetery Service
Everyone is welcome to visit the cemetery on Sunday, October 9 at 10 am as we have a short cemetery service of remembrance for our loved ones who have passed away.  This moving and short service is a pause of reflection in a busy time of the year and it becomes a meaningful and poignant moment.  Join us.  You are most welcome.
Bring Your Shofar!
Our tradition is that, at the end of Yom Kippur day right after Havdallah, we have a group tekiah gedolah - a long and powerful sounding of the shofar to herald in the new year!  Everyone is invited to bring their shofar and join Rabbi Stanway on the bima for the final sounding. 
High Holiday Checklist

  • Food for tzedakah
  • Shofar for group tekiah gedolah at end of Neilah
  • Filled in order form for Mishkan HaNefesh (new High Holiday Machzor) with dedication lines filled in
  • Tickets for Erev Yom Kippur and Yom Kippur morning - and don't forget your ID
  • RSVPs for several of the Sukkot events
Community Services and Events for the High Holidays Open to All
Even though Rosh Hashanna has come and gone (Shanna Tova!), there are still several worship opportunities during Yom Kippur that are open to the community and for which you need not be a member of TBM.  Rabbi Stanway, Cantor Camhi, the Religious Practices Committee and the Board of Trustees warmly welcome you to this year’s opportunities for reflection and prayer.  You are most welcome to attend.  Please note that Erev Yom Kippur (the evening of Kol Nidre before Yom Kippur day) are open to everyone but you will need to purchase some tickets for you and your family if you are not a present member of the Beth Miriam community.  Call the temple at 732-222-3754 for details.

Yom Kippur

October 11

Erev Yom Kippur (Kol Nidre):  8 PM
(Tickets available for purchase)

October 12

Children’s Service:  9 AM
Study with the Rabbi: 1 PM
Community Family Service: 3 PM
Musical Spiritual Reflection: 4 PM
Yiskor (Memorial): 4:30 PM (approximately)
Neilah: 5:30 PM
Rosh Hashanna Pictures now Online!
Norm Glassman has taken some terrific Rosh Hashanna pictures.  Take a look!
Sukkot Activities and Services
Sukkot is coming and there are going to be many programmes throughout the Festival.  Check them out and make plans to be with your Beth Miriam family!  Here is the link!

9:15 AM

Help us build the new 20 x 12 foot Sukkah!  We will be setting it up and decorating it.  And that is where you come in!  Join us as we assemble the Sukkah with joy and decorate it with whatever you bring!  Bring in your fruits and vegetables - real or artificial - (and maybe some filament or string to put it up).  Bring in hay, lights, anything you want and we will find a place for it in the Sukkah.  Then, at 12 pm, join us for a potluck lunch in the Sukkah!  Everyone is welcome.  Please make a dish that will serve about 8 people - no pork or shellfish, please.


10-11:30 AM

Let's celebrate young families with children or young families without children as we enjoy lunch in the Sukkah.  We will share a PJ Library story, shake the lulav, sing, dance and eat lunch.  Call the temple to let us know you are coming at 732-222-3754


In celebration of Shabbat and Sukkot, the Religious Practices Committee is happy to be your host and invite you to join the temple family for a Shabbat dinner in the new and beautiful Sukkah on our beautiful grounds.  The dinner - catered by Tuzzio's - will take place on October 21 at 6:15 with Shabbat service outside (weather permitting) at 7:30 PM.   There is a limit of 60 people for the catered dinner so, if you would like to join us, please use Chaverweb or call the office at 732-222-3754. 

The cost for the dinner is:
$15/person - $10/children 12 and under - $50/maximum (Beth Miriam members)
$20/person - $15/children 12 and under (If you are not yet a member of Beth Miriam

Hannukah dinner committee help needed
It's really early to start thinking about Hannukah but Rabbi Stanway is thinking about Hannukah!  It is the same week as Christmas and New Years and that means that lots of people are not going to be around as it is also the school break. But there is still a Shabbat during Hannukah on December 30 so Rabbi Stanway wants to do have a Hannukah dinner and program of some variety.  He already has some help but wants to form a little committee to help him even more to create something for Shabbat Hannukah.  If you want to help, let him know at rabbi@bethmiriam.org
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