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This month, nearly 11 million visitors will come to Asheville to enjoy the legendary fall colors that set our Blue Ridge Mountains ablaze. What I find really interesting is all the work that has to happen before the leaves give their first hint of change.


First the leaves stop producing food, then their chlorophyll breaks down to reveal brilliant purples, reds, oranges and yellows, and finally, the leaves let go in a windswept flurry that prepares the tree for new growth in the spring.


The turning of the leaves is a wonderful reminder that change can be positive and exciting, like Next Step Recovery’s expansion into three homes later this month.


We are excited about the opportunities this expansion will provide. The guys will have more room to stretch out, cook together, and support each other in shared living spaces. All of our recovery programming — including our life skills classes, group meetings, and optional intensive outpatient program (IOP) — will continue to be provided at our Hendersonville Road office. Our IOP is available exclusively to current residents of Next Step Recovery, and the results of the program have been very encouraging. 





Susan Stader, MS, LPC, LCAS, CCS-I

Founder & Director

Phone: 828-350-9960



The Beauty of Change


Addiction researchers suggest change is a process that unfolds over time as individuals move through five stages. Most of our residents come to us without necessarily wanting or believing they need to change their addictive behaviors.


So how do you help someone change when they don’t believe they need to change? Read more...


Home Sweet Home


Later this month we will move into three beautiful houses that are closer to Asheville and the many work, school, and 12-step supports the city has to offer. 

We will continue to offer the same level of highly structured recovery support, with individual on-site house managers and 24-hour staffing. All of our recovery programming will continue to be provided at our Hendersonville Road office with transportation assistance for all residents. 

Over the past 11 years, we have moved twice, and both have been wonderful bonding experiences. We usually have a lot of fun, and it’s another great opportunity to practice making positive changes.


A Note from Brian Nolan 


Dear Families and Friends,


It is with mixed feelings that I report my resignation from Next Step Recovery. I have a heavy heart because I have had the opportunity to work with an amazing leadership team in Susan Stader and Terry Streeter and the dedicated staff they have put together. This staff works tirelessly to encourage those they serve to grow and get better. I am excited because I have learned and grown myself up here and feel that it is time for me to take my "next step."

John Libby

It has been an honor to work with Next Step, to serve this population and their families as Next Step's Admissions Director. I look forward to many more years of collaboration and friendship with Next Step Recovery.


New Admissions Director,

Old Friend 


Next Step Recovery is happy to announce that our own John Libby has taken over as Admissions Director. We wish Brian Nolan well as he pursues his next big adventure, but will miss him and the great work he has done for Next Step Recovery during his time with us. 


The next time you call in, you are likely to get John, so be sure to introduce yourself. He’d love to get to know you better!

John Libby