Continuing with the stories of the women in the Old Testament, Fr. Mike relates the familiar story of Samson and Delilah. Their bible story has been portrayed in books and movies. 

Fr. Mike tells the history of these two. Samson was a strong leader of the Jews who fell in love with beautiful Delilah. She was a Philistine who lived in Gaza and was from the “enemy” tribe. But sometimes love blinds.

He looks at the motivation of Delilah and why she betrays this man who loves her, and seeks the source of his power. 

Fr. Mike explains how this happened and what transpired in the life of Samson.
He then wonders what this kind of story says to us today. He looks at blind love, betrayal, fidelity and the power of evil to destroy relationships.
Don’t miss this fascinating story of Samson and Delilah.
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Can you believe that there is a story in the Bible about a simple housewife who ends up killing the general of an enemy army. This is the story of Jael.

Fr. Mike outlines the background of her nomadic tribe that deals in metals. They try to stay neutral and keep diplomatic relations with the Jews and their enemies. So when Sisera, the General of the enemy of the Jews, stumbles into Jael’s tent, he believes he is safe. The rest of his army has been decimated. 

Jael is faced with a real dilemma. If she protects the General, when the Jews come looking for him and find that she has protected him, they will retaliate. If she doesn’t protect him, he may kill her on the spot. She doesn’t panic. Cleverly she finds an opportunity and ends up killing him.

How does such a story relate to our lives today? Fr. Mike talks about violence, terror, the arms buildup, etc. He asks: Are we ever justified in going to war? This leads to the conditions necessary for a just war as presented by the Church. It is interesting to apply those conditions to modern warfare.

Fr. Mike poses questions for us to ponder at the end of this surprising story. These can be used for a Bible Study Group on God’s Women.
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