Massage Therapy by   
                           Cathy Sanders, LMT

                                            at InnerSource

It's Been a Lo-oong Winter!
Cold weather can make our joints ache and tighten our muscles.
Chase the chill away with a Massage at InnerSource - just as nice as relaxing on a tropical beach, but without the stress of travel. What could be better?

Therapeutic Massage - reasonably deep massage to relieve muscle tension and pain

CranioSacral Therapy - this very relaxing light-touch therapy releases deeply held tensions and helps the nervous system reset, promoting healing

Chi Nei Tsang - relaxing and gentle massage focused primarily on the abdomen, based on the principles of Five Element Theory and the meridian system.

To schedule an appointment, contact Cathy:
        Cell: 510-882-0202
        Home: 410-793-4843
Rates: $90 per session. Please allow at least 90 minutes total for your appointment.
For more information: