January 9, 2017
Annual Congregational Meeting Dates
Please come share your questions, insights, and passion for our mission and ministry at these important annual meetings in January. To help you get ready, we've posted all our Annual Reports online. Looking ahead to our first meeting, the Programs Informational Meeting at 10am this Sunday, we've put together a special story featured below.

Programs Meeting this Sunday, January 15 | 10am in the basement fellowship hall. Learn about, ask questions, and discuss our ministry and staff reports.

Finance Meeting on Sunday, January 22 | 10am and 12pm in the basement fellowship hall. Learn about, ask questions, and discuss our proposed 2017 budget and other financial matters.

Annual Congregational Meeting with Vote on Sunday, January 29 | 10am in English and Spanish in the basement fellowship hall. Our formal meeting for a congregational vote on the 2017 budget, called leaders, Council members, and other action items.
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Our Food Ministries: Beginning, Present, Future
Prepare for our annual Programs Meeting at 10am this Sunday by learning how one person making sandwiches for the community grew into two thriving food ministries here at Advent.

In the late 90s, Leroy Tucker saw a lot of people living immediately near Advent needed something to eat, but our area lacked a food program. He gathered a small sum of money from people at Advent, visited Bronx Terminal Market for wholesale ingredients, and started serving sandwiches from a table just outside our doors on 93rd Street.

A few years later, Leroy and others discovered United Way, a food distributor with connections to grants from organizations like FEMA and NAP, which supported our transition to the Community Lunch and Food Pantry ministries we have today.

Deeply committed leaders and volunteers arose from our congregation and community. Frankie Tompkins has organized and led the Food Pantry since it's conception. Steve Fuentes and Carlos Lopez have elevated our Community Lunch to a restaurant-quality meal made with homestyle care.

Lauren Johnson, a co-leader of Community Lunch for over 10 years, shares how even during Hurricane Irene in August 2011 and last year's blizzard in January, we still served our scheduled lunch. They primarily called on local volunteers, but one volunteer biked all the way from Brooklyn. "A lot of people count on our food ministries to get by each month," Lauren says. "The fact that we've honored our commitment to them even in the midst of precarious weather shows our guests how much we really care about them. The commitment and kindness we give is just as important as the food." During the blizzard 95 people still came for lunch, and during Hurricane Irene, 105.
Kathy Carpenter, who served sandwiches alongside Leroy in the late 90s and has spent most of her professional career specializing in nutrition, appreciates that we don't concern ourselves with people taking advantage of the system, judging who does or doesn't deserve the help, or requiring church participation (or anything) in return for the food. That stuff only gets in the way of the heart of what we do: God's call for us to accompany one another despite any worldly divisions, to meet any brokenness in our community with love and support, in the same way God gives all people grace -- freely, unconditionally, relationally, and joyfully. Our food programs embody our Lutheran faith. The attitude is clear: These are not a handout, but rather a community event.
Confirmation students participated in the Food Pantry last spring. They shared that they were struck by the power of human affirmation, and the happy feeling of interconnectedness and gratitude in the air. They discussed how this approach to giving feels "just like they're your family," and is based on faith (in the sense of trust and confidence), both that God provides and that we really can make a difference in the world. These ministries are a living tool for modeling Lutheran faith in action.

Today, the signs point to a future of growth for our food ministries. A new Food Ministries Task Force comprised of leaders from both Food Pantry and Community Lunch assembled this year to clarify ongoing support from United Way through Lutheran Social Services, apply for new grants, expand the volunteer base, and plan additional services that could be offered to enhance the ministry. Between the Christmas Tree & Cookie Sale, "Raising Voices, Feeding Neighbors" Christmas caroling fundraiser, and Food Instead of Poinsettias, people in our congregation and community gave an estimated total of $5000 toward helping those who are food insecure.
Come talk about the present and future of all Advent's ministries and programs this Sunday at 10am.
You're invited to our annual Programs Informational Meeting at 10am this Sunday in the basement fellowship hall!
Read Annual Reports Online
We invite you to start reading our Annual Reports from the Congregation Council, Call Committee, and over 40 more committees, task forces, ministry leaders, and staff on our website in preparation for these important meetings.

As we seek to be environmentally conscious while ensuring information is accessible to everyone, we will have a limited number of printed annual reports available on the back table of the sanctuary, but encourage you to read them online if you are able.
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Any Questions about the Annual Meeting?
We are striving to be as clear, transparent, and comprehensive as possible in bringing you news about this year's Annual Congregational Meetings and Annual Reports. If anything is unclear, or you have any questions about the meeting, please let us know! We'd be happy to clear it up for you, and you might identify something helpful for us to share with the whole congregation. Ask a question by clicking the button below, replying to this email, or sending an email anytime to communications@adventnyc.org .

Thank you for your engagement and support as we gather together for these important meetings.
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Women's March on NYC
As an outgrowth of the weekly Community Gatherings, a group (not just women, men are invited, too) will be gather at 10am on Saturday, January 21 at Advent so we can travel together to the 1 Dag Hammarskjold Plaza to join this international community marching in support of equality and to promote civil rights for every human. This historic and peaceful event is open to all participants. The NYC march is from 11am to 4pm.

Please sign up online or on the signup sheet on the back table of the sanctuary so we know to expect you and don’t leave Advent without you. To learn more about the march, go to facebook event page for Women’s March on New York City.
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Anti-Racism Conversation on January 15
How can we be not only a diverse congregation, but an actively anti-racist congregation?

Join us for an engaging conversation and soup lunch at 12pm Sunday, January 15, where we'll explore hidden frameworks of institutionalized racism, and seek to become more inclusive and actively anti-racist as a congregation. This important conversation will be facilitated by Pastor Charles Miller, who along with others in our congregation attended the Anti-Racism Introductory Training seminar held by the Metropolitan New York Synod in August.

This conversation will coincide with the soup lunch preceding the Morgan Library trip (described below in the "Celebrating 500" article). You’re invited to join the trip to see the Reformation exhibit at the Morgan Library immediately after this too, or to attend just the conversation -- whichever you prefer!
More Worship and Conversation on Wednesday Evenings
One more Wednesday Evening worship service at 6:30pm on January 11. Sing music from Holden Evening Prayer and hear a reflection by Kevin Bowen about The Presentation at this candlelight evening service.
At 7:30pm this Wednesday, January 11, a special guest from the Interfaith Center of New York will join us to share information about supportive actions we can take with the Muslim community in NYC at our final Community Gathering before the inauguration.
Celebrating 500!
As we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, join us for a broad array of special events in January and February.

Trip to the Reformation exhibit at the Morgan Library | On Sunday, January 15 join us on a trip to the Morgan Library downtown to see their Reformation exhibit, featuring an original, authentic copy of the 95 Theses! We'll meet at Advent at 12pm for a soup lunch, and depart for the library around 1:30pm.

"Forgotten Luther" Book Study | Join us at 6:30pm Wednesdays January 25, February 1, and February 8 for a study on the book "Forgotten Luther," which focuses on the social justice aspect of Luther's theology. Books are available now in the office! Pick up yours today, and join us for this special study led by Pastor Sudbrock.

Small Catechism Study | Pastor Sudbrock will also lead a 4-week study of Luther's Small Catechism during our Adult Conversation hour at 10:10am Sunday morning in the basement fellowship hall during the month of February.

Get the Small Catechism App | Check out the new Small Catechism App from Augsburg Fortress. Click here to get the app.

Reformation Hymn Sing | At 6:30pm Wednesday, February 22, join us for a special service of singing awesome hymns, old and new, that continue to bring the Lutheran church to renewed life.
Full Ministry Calendar
What ministry or group will you be involved in this month? There are even more ways to connect in fellowship and service this January!
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This Sunday
Gospel | John 1:29-52
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Presiding | Pastor Taylor at 9am & 11am worship in English, and Rev. Adolfo Ramírez at 12:45pm in Spanish
Music Minister | Michelle Alvarado
Programs Informational Meeting | Meets at 10am in the basement fellowship hall
Sunday School | Begins at 10:05am in the sanctuary with music and prayer
Adult Conversation | Will participate in the Programs Informational Meeting in lieu of our regular meeting
Advent Chorale | Sings at 11am worship
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