Dear --FNAME--,

I live in Southern California. Last night our governor announced a statewide lockdown - not in a week, or a few days, or even tomorrow, but as of 11:59 pm of the day that he was speaking. Meaning, "it's happening now, folks."

I'm glad. It simply makes sense. Up until this announcement, we had patchwork shutdowns going on in the state - most notably in San Francisco, then the City of Los Angeles, then expanded to LA County. A statewide ban honors the fact that the coronavirus (or any disease-transmitting mechanism) honors no city or county boundaries, but only physical ones. 
​​​​​​​But the statewide ban is as far as our governor has the power to go. I am desperately hoping that the federal government will finally issue orders - not suggestions, but orders - for the entire nation to shut down gatherings and nonessential businesses, and self-quarantine. Indeed, if all countries - or at least all members of the United Nations, for a start - would simultaneously agree to the same action, we could, for once, act in concert as one world. That would be an amazing event in human history.

As I've watched the news and read articles and shared emails and messages with friends and loved ones, it's been easy to feel like I'm drunk-driving down a country road at max speed; weaving wildly and about to flip off the road into oblivion. Then I found this article that is the sanest view of the CoVid situation I've seen presented, anywhere. I'm not saying that there aren't excellent, accurate, and honest resources like the CDC; just saying that this particular article combines straightforward math, science, and empirical evidence and presents it to discuss what's on all of our minds - which is not so much "what to do" (we all know by now to wash hands, stay inside, practice social distancing when you must go out) - but "what is going to happen?"  Click here to read the article - and share it too.

Stay safe & stay well.
Women At Woodstock will be happening in October. I so look forward to that time.