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Galapagos: An Exceptional Yacht Charter Destination
August 2017 E-News

Cruise through the Galapagos on a crewed yacht charter and experience a microcosm of evolution. This group of islands, originally barren of any vegetation, marine or animal life, evolved as the winds and currents brought flora, fauna, sea life and animals to the shores of each island. As the Galapagos Islands were not a hospitable environment, each species, plant and animal evolved specific to the environment on that island to survive. Iguanas learned to swim and thrive on underwater sea algae, and different giant tortoise species shell shapes evolved depending on whether their island had low vegetation or high vegetation on which to dine, all indicative of the impact of environment on evolution. Today, the Galapagos are overflowing with natural life and are one of the only locations in which to swim with penguins and sea lions, see nature up close and personal, snorkel with schools of fish through beautiful coral gardens, hike over ancient lava flows, and enjoy beautiful beaches in one of Nature’s most spectacular creations.

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Galapagos One Week Cruising Itinerary

Enjoy the marine and wildlife in this unique location.
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Galapagos Swimming with the Penguins

Only in the Galapagos! Swim with Penguins!
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