Sign the petition to urge Governor Murphy to work with the other governors in the 4 states that make up the Delaware Watershed to protect this resource and cooperate to create a new vision for this important river.


The Delaware River is an important natural asset for the whole region, but is threatened by overdevelopment on its banks, habitat loss, contamination from polluted runoff, flooding, and stream erosion. It is also the source for clean, reliable drinking water for 15 million people and it needs attention from our elected leaders. It’s going to take all four governors of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Delaware uniting together to make a plan to keep the river safe and healthy for generations to come.


Keeping this critical water supply safe and healthy – and cleaning it up where it isn’t – makes good economic sense, too. The Delaware River Basin contributes $25 billion annually through recreation, like kayaking and fishing as well as tourism. However, too many of its streams and tributaries are vulnerable to contamination which kills fish and makes the water unusable, risking thousands of jobs and small businesses.


With your support,  we have a good chance of convincing all four Delaware River Basin states to develop a comprehensive plan together for protecting the river so that the people, towns, businesses, and wildlife that depend on it can prosper.


Add your name to thank Governor Murphy for his leadership and call on him to take the initiative and work with our neighboring states to protect the Delaware River.


4 The Delaware is a partnership of environmental organizations, advocating on behalf of the river, the resources it provides, and the 15 million people who depend on its water and enjoy the recreational opportunities it offersFind out more here


It starts in the Highlands

The New Jersey Highlands are the headwaters for innumerable tributaries that feed into the Delaware River. Naturally, for the water downstream to be clean the environments at the source must be managed to limit and prevent activity that compromises the quality and quantity of the water.

The New Jersey Highlands Coalition is devoted to upholding regulations that ensure sustainable access to potable water for current and future generations.


The New Jersey Highlands Coalition

We represent a diverse network of organizations - small and large, local, regional, statewide and national - and individuals with the common goal to protect, enhance and restore the New Jersey Highlands and to preserve the quality and quantity of drinking water both for the 850,000 people in the Highlands as well as the more than 6.2 million people in surrounding areas who depend on Highlands water.


For more information visit our website.


Thank you for all of your support!

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