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Rejuvenation Event!

Join Our Free Rejuvenation Seminar March 23rd - Learn About New Surgical & Non - Surgical Procedures, New Technologies, Fillers and Skin Rejuvenation Treatments.

Don't Miss out on our Special Offers on Injectables, Products and Procedures.

Introducing: Sculpsure and Thermi

Inline image 1Sign Up To Win Our Botox Raffle: 3 participants will win 2 areas of Botox Each ($500 VALUE), 1 participant will win a DM|MD skin Rejuvenation Treatment ($869 Value).

Catering By "Sequela"
Goodie Bags By Dr. Man's "Looking Younger Med Spa"
To RSVP visit: www.drman.com/rsvp
Or Call: (561)395-5508

Seating & Goodie Bags Are Limited So Don't Forget To RSVP.
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