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Volume 5 Issue 4
April 2012

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5 Steps to Mental Toughness
Are You OK?
Pitching Inside
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In this issue: Dan Gazaway of the Pitching Academy provides invaluable advice for youth baseball and softball pitchers. Brian Gotta writes about how we often unintentionally make things worse when young athletes get minor injuries. And John Ellsworth's "Five Keys to Mental Toughness in Sports" is a must-read for parents and athletes alike.

All-Star Selection: In the planning stages for picking your league's all-star teams? If you're tired of having parents complain of favoritism and "back-room deals", this selection method may be just what you need.

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Five Keys to Mental Toughness in AthletesJohn Ellsworth

By John R. Ellsworth M.A

To develop mental toughness you must have the right attitude, behavior and state of mind. If you know your defined role as an athlete and have a developing sense of task mastery you will have confidence. Read Article

Sports Sensors
Quick Hitter
Brian Gotta

Are You OK?

By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

These three words seem innocuous enough. But often, when coaches and parents say them to a child who has been hurt, they have the opposite of their intended effect. When a child is slightly injured we still might want to choose these same three words, but slightly rearrange their order. Read Article

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90MPH Club
Dan Gazaway

Pitching Inside with Confidence
by Dan Gazaway

Growing up I was instructed by some of the best pitching coaches in the world. I was always told to pitch in to win. I think we have all heard it before, but most coaches never teach this important technique. The fact is, great pitchers find success throwing on the inside part of the plate. Read Article

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