Volume 12, Issue 2
February, 2019
Greetings from CoachDeck!

Nothing makes soccer practice more fun than CoachDeck! Technically-sound drills that can all be made into games kids love mean that your volunteer coaches have the best of both worlds: A sound practice that players enjoy!

In this issue:
Bruce Brownlee's first of a two-part tutorial on warming-up a team prior to a match is a tremendous read regardless of the level you coach. Brian Gotta republishes a generations-old classic that has applications in both parenting and coaching. And John Rosemond has advice for parents which may be surprising to some.

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Game Day Soccer Team Warm-ups
By Bruce Brownlee

Warm-ups before the soccer match present a wonderful opportunity for you to coach and improve your soccer team. Much of the soccer coaching on game day is mental preparation, rather than soccer skills, soccer tactics, or fitness.  Read Article
Father Forgets
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

Listen, son: I am saying this as you lie asleep, one little paw crumpled under your cheek and the blond curls stickily wet on your damp forehead. I have stolen into your room alone. Just a few minutes ago, as I sat reading my paper in the library, a stifling wave of remorse swept over me. Guilty I came to your bedside.​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​Read Article
Out With Parenting, In With Child-Rearing
By John Rosemond

There is “parenting” and then there is bringing up, rearing, or raising children. The difference is night and day; so are the outcomes, short- and long-term, to all concerned, meaning every single one of us. Read Article​