Speaker's Digest 

November 2018


In this issue:

  • It's Hard to Understand Fast Talkers
  • Pardon My Turkey
  • Lighten Up for the Holidays


There’s a lot happening in Chicago these days. The Chicago Bears are hot for the first time in years, the Northwestern Wildcats are headed to the Big Ten Championship football game for the first time, well, ever, and we just received eight inches of the kind of wet, heavy snow that hurts your back to shovel and jams snow blowers. Also, in case you forgot, we had an election earlier this month, and just celebrated a holiday with nonstop food and beverages! And now, another issue of Speaker’s Digest to wrap it all up…


We heard from a number of “fast talkers” around election time, and looked at how a few tweaks here and there could improve the effectiveness of their delivery. Then, if you enjoyed a turkey dinner over Thanksgiving, you most likely did NOT eat one of the birds that earned a pardon from the president or a state governor. This month we looked at the annual tradition of presidents commuting the sentences of prize turkeys in special White House ceremonies. You’ll notice that many took the opportunity to have some fun from the podium. And if the presidents can have fun, so can you. That’s why we share a few thoughts on why presenters should lighten up their presentation style, particularly around festive times like the holidays!


It's Hard to Understand Fast Talkers

There are different ways in which presenters deliver information too quickly for their listeners to follow. We took a look at a few personalities we met during the recent election cycle who seemed to try to jam too many words into the time allotted to them. In each case, the best way to improve is to learn to PAUSE much more frequently.

Pardon My Turkey


No, this isn’t an article about how to apologize for a turkey that is undercooked or too dry, but a look at one of the traditional Thanksgiving speeches—the annual presidential pardon of the giant bird. We took a look at how some of our recent presidents approached their presentations at this White House event over the years.


Lighten Up for the Holidays

The holiday season is a good time to remember that there can always be a lighter side to presentations. Audiences don’t need to know every line from your resume or each statistic from your study, but they’ll appreciate learning about you, your family, your likes and dislikes, your favorite movies, your sense of humor, and some of the experiences and stories that have helped you build a successful career.

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