July 2019
Join Us for Our Upcoming Events
July 17 & 18, 2019
Certification Training
Register for multiple or individual sessions:
1) New Applicator Training: National Core | 7/17, 8 AM-Noon
2) Industrial & Institutional Training | 7/17, 12:30 PM-4:30 PM
3) Wood Destroying Organisms Training | 7/18, 8 AM-Noon
4) Ornamental & Turf Training | 7/18, 12:30 PM-4:30 PM
July 24, 2019
Mastermind Group
Come join other owners in discussing business topics, setting goals, helping grow your business and becoming better business owners in our monthly Mastermind Group meeting on the fourth Wednesdays.
August 6, 2019
AzPPO Annual Dinner & DBacks
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Joint Membership Renewal
AzPPO / NPMA members are up for renewal on July 1, 2019. We are currently restructuring our membership renewal process so stay tuned for membership renewal instructions in your inbox coming soon!

Welcome New Joint Members!
Mike Fraker
American Pest Management

Nick Lampert 
Borderlands Termite &
Pest Control, LLC

Gary Leblanc
RX Environmental Services, LLC

Robert Lenhart
Paradise Pest Control

Ernest Henson
Stormin' Norman Termite &
Pest Control

Darryl Johnson 
Envision Pest & Termite Inc
Steve Martin
Arrow Pool and Spa

Steven Martin
Critter Control of Northern Arizona

Brad Olsen
Urban Desert Pest Control

Doug Tweten
Bugman Exterminating, Inc

Featured Allied Member
LegalShield has been offering legal plans to individuals, families and small business owners for over 45 years, creating a world where everyone can access legal protection—and everyone can afford it. Unexpected legal questions arise every day and with LegalShield, your employees will have access to a quality law firm for covered personal situations. From real estate to speeding tickets to Will preparation, and beyond, we’re here to help your employees with any personal legal matter—no matter how traumatic or how trivial it may seem. For small businesses we provide legal consultation, contract review, debt collection and more to provide proactive affordable access to you and your business partner.
IDShield is the only identity theft protection company armed with a team of licensed private investigators on call to restore your employee’s identity. Members have unlimited access to an IDShield licensed private investigator regarding how they can protect yourself or review anything on their account. If your name is on it, we’re monitoring it. Your Social Security number, driver’s license, passport, credit cards, bank accounts, social media and more – we leave nothing about protecting your identity to chance. In the event of a compromise, your personal IDShield licensed private investigator will work to uncover evidence, restore your identity, and clear your record back to its pre-theft status. If you become a victim of identity theft, we do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to restore your identity. In addition, we offer up to $1M to reimbursement of losses for covered issues.
These comprehensive benefits give you and your employees peace of mind. Both services are available, nationwide, 24/7 for emergency situations, and are provided at a discounted rate to the association.
For more information, contact: Cassie Prinke at 602.999.9643 or Vera Elliott at 949.310.8244.
Allied Members List: July 2019
Affordable GPS Tracking, Victor Krstec, victor@agps1.com, 623-328-8906
Alliance Environmental Group, Aaron Weisheit, aaronweisheit@alliance-enviro.com, 602-639-1295
AP&G, Rick McDonald, rmcdonald@catchmaster.com, (901) 500-6249
ASE Pest & Weed Supplies (aka Arizona Spray Equipment), Samuel Andrus, 
critter@azspray.com, 623-842-4000
B&G Equipment Company, John Cotton, jcotton@bgequip.com, 714-319-4422
Banker Insulation, Marty Montoya, mmontoya@bankerinsulation.com, 602.273.1261
BASF, Matthew Spears, matthew.spears@basf.com, 919-724-9346
Bayer, Jacqueline Bell, jacqueline.bell@bayer.com, 480-271-4155
Bell Laboratories, Inc., Nick Branca, nbranca@belllabs.com    
Bird-B-Gone, Inc., Jeff Watts, jeff@birdbgone.com, 800-392-6915
Bird-X, Tim Coughlin, tcoughlin@bird-x.com, 312-226-8782
Brandenburg Water, Mendieta, waltermendieta@b-onena.com, 314-810-2150
 Briostack Software, Jeremy Jensen, jeremy.jensen@briostack.com, 801-633-7341
Business Broker - Specialty Pest Control Sales, T.J. Hammer, Tjhammers@aol.com, 480-540-5005
Catchmaster, Jim Shaver, jshaver@catchmasterpro.com, 480-760-5874
Central Life Sciences, Blaine Oakeson, boakeson@central.com, 888-528-8058
Chemtech Supply Inc, Jack McClure, jack@chemtechsupply.com, 480-833-7578
Chosen Payments, Branden Anderson, branden.anderson@chosenpayment.com, 805-910-1445
Coalmarch, Maria Mayorga, mmayorga@coalmarch.com, 919-647-4152
Control Solutions, Inc., Rob Ives, rives@controlsolutionsinc.com, 713-203-4058
Corteva Agriscience, Les Johnson, lljohnson2@dow.com, 480-759-9120
Delta 4 Benefits, LLC, Cesar DelRosal, cdelrosal@delta4benefits.com, 602-316-7056
Diversified Sales and Marketing, Larry Hiner, lhiner@divsales.com, 918-695-6742
Earnhardt Management, Matthew Murray, matthew.murray@earnhardt.com, 480-783-4650
FMC Professional Solutions,  Alea Pedroza, alea.pedroza@fmc.com, 714-833-1911
Freshlime, Jay Bean, jbean@freshlime.com, 801-653-5600
Gervase Law Firm, Lisa Gervase, lgervase@gervaselaw.com, 480-515-4801
Health E.Deals, Blake Essary, bessary@myhealth-edeals.com, 480-577-9796
J. T. Eaton Co., Inc., James Rodriguez,  james@jteaton.com, 800-321-3421
Legal Shield, Cassie Prinke, www.legalshield.com/info/azppo, 602-999-9643
Michael S. Herrmann Insurance Agency, Inc., Michael Hermann,
mherrmann@farmersagent.com, 480-731-6600
MGK, Matt Kenney, matt.kenney@mgk.com, 559-232-8696
Midway Commercial Vehicles, Phil Cassata, pcassata@vtaig.com, 602-588-1700
Mobile Training Solutions, Linda Harrington, linda@mobiletrainingsolutions.net, 520-419-9575
Modern Methods,  Arthur J. Guzman, guzzer60@gmail.com, 702-577-6382
Nisus Corporation, Jim Sparks, jims@nisuscorp.com, 801-698-3504
PBC - Weisburger Insurance, Gary Shapiro, gshapiro@programbrokerage.com, 516-496-1346
PelGar USA, Gary Brooks, gbrooks@pelgar-usa.com, 610-849-1723
PestWest Environmental, Mike Goza, mike.goza@pestwest.com, 480-747-2688
PestRoutes LLC, Mark Stewart, mark@pestroutes.com, 214-232-5533
Senestech, Melinda Baker, melinda.baker@senestech.com
Slingshot, Chris Huntsman, ben@getslingshot.com,9179520480
Syngenta, Scott Baldwin, scott.baldwin@syngenta.com, 480-589-4615
Target, Kurt Smith, kurt.smith@target-specialty.com, 480-517-0755
Target Specialty Products, Robert Snyder, robert.snyder@target-specialty.com, (602) 284-4003
Target Specialty Products, Ruth Leo,  ruth.leo@target-specialty.com, 602-284-5191
Target Specialty Products, Salena Rafferty, salena.rafferty@target-specialty.com
Termatrac, Rick Wakenigg, rwakenigg@termatrac.com, 404-210-5633
The Mahoney Group, Joe Steiner, jsteiner@mahoneygroup.com, 480-214-2746
TPS, David Crandell, dave@turfandpest.com, 602-369-6137    
Univar USA, Inc., Jackie Bell, jackie.bell@univarusa.com, 602-233-2440
Univar USA, Inc., Christy Davie, christy.davie@univarusa.com, 480-894-5323
Univar USA, Inc., Ed Conboy, ed.conboy@univarusa.com, 520-747-8717
Verizon Connect, Lucy Roberts, lucy.roberts@verizonconnect.com, 949.643.4386