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In June 2015
8:30 am

"New Teacher"
Daniel Gonzalez
now teaches

9:00 am
*NEW Class*

"Kardio Krunk"

Jeffrey LaRosa Adams

We'll miss John Valenzuela and his Zumba classes. He's moved to NYC to live a new and more adventurous life.  Jeffrey La Rosa Adams now leads his signature class, Kardio Krunk and we believe you'll delight in this new and more adventurous cardio dance workout.
8250 West 3rd St. #205
Los Angeles, CA 90048  
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Hello Beloved SWERVER,

After several years of working out on a consistent basis, I woke up one morning and my body and mind were transformed. Following several hundred sessions of formal meditation, contemplation and deep seeking I woke up one afternoon fully aware and present. At least that's what it seemed like. It appeared as though I had gone through metamorphosis in an instant.

Of course, things are not always as they seem and as I reflect back on my self-guided evolution, it looks as though I was changing incrementally all along. One of my  teachers (Harrison James, who leads SWERVE's Success Workshop this month) says, "The most graceful way to change is in small baby steps." Another wise one calls this, "The 3-foot toss." Anybody can accomplish a 3-foot toss and without the pressure of needing to fully transform in one try, we build the confidence to try again and again.

Inside the chrysalis, as the caterpillar begins metamorphosis, it's form dissolves into a soup of imaginal cells, nothing like it once was. The laws of science and nature seem like magic in this case. For me, science and Grace are One. Life-force coupled with Divine synchronicity bring about instant change that through the lens of time appear to occur slowly, cumulatively.

Now can be a time of transformation and discovery for you. Summer is upon us--perfect timing for your next self-guided evolution. We at SWERVE, support you in your growth and your elevated etiquette. We thank you for coming to work with us. We also request that as others sit in meditation in the studio, if you arrive late for class, that you quietly wait outside until meditation is concluded. We'll remind you of this as you check-in for class at the front desk and you'll see a sign confirming this on the studio door. We also welcome you to arrive at SWERVE early to enjoy our company and prepare for your transformation.


Gillian Alexandria Clark
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