Parklet Ideas
Parklets Now in the Mainstream

Turning parking spaces into parklets have gone main stream.  The benefits are numerous - they provide public spaces in areas lacking them, create pedestrian street activity, support neighborhood retail and impact air quality.

You're most likely to find them in neighborhood business, entertainment and restaurant districts. They're also popping up in mixed use and multiple family developments.

Parklets are created using a variety of custom and off-the shelf-components. Deck supports and structural tiles, either wood or cement are used to elevated the street to sidewalk or curb height.  Once the platform surface is in place, you can let your imagination take over.  Other components includes back and backless benches, bistro tables and chair, games, green or living wall, planters, etc.
Energizes Retail Districts

Although primarily found in urban areas, parklets have the potential to energize struggling rural communities or create a catalyst for permanent development. Advocates of CNU (Congress for New Urbanism, Smart Growth and others in the tactical urbanism movement view parklets as a way to turn planning on it's head and provide communities with a way to demonstrate public support for neighborhood ideas.

Los Angeles through it's People St program has created municipal documents and regulations to support  and encourage parklets.  L.A.'s program has eleven parklets types and provide a kit of parts that includes roadbed graphics, furniture types and wayfinding signage.  They estimate the parklets to cost between $35,000 and $60,000 but off the shelf street furniture reduces the cost by 50% to 75%. Off the shelf parklet ideas.