September 26, 2018
We Are Church, Together
Walking with our international sister churches in El Salvador and Tanzania strengthens our identity, and makes our faith more unbound and uncontained.

Recently, Pastor Christian Chavarria from Pueblo de Dios painted a cross dedicated to our walk together.

More Ministry Stories
These are just a few stories highlighting recent moments in our mission and ministry.
United in Action & Advocacy
On 9/16, Advent members from all 3 worship services and visitors from the community came together to pack 24,129 meals and write 135 advocacy postcards.

At the event, we asked people: "Why is it important for us to be doing this as a church?"

Unbound & Uncontained
At our annual retreat in August, we talked about what it means to be "unbound and uncontained," individually and as a church, through the movement of the Holy Spirit.

Building Up Young Leaders
Our new Communications Internship empowers high school youth to be leaders in making church more inclusive to everyone.

This year 7 communications interns will be working to make Advent's "inclusive" identity more prevalent in the community, and fully embodied in every area of our space, ministry, and organization. Supporting them are 8 adult mentors from the congregation.

Pastor Danielle On: Being A Pastor
In a special episode, we talk with Pastor Danielle about why she became a pastor, what it was like going through seminary, the funniest thing she's ever seen happen at a wedding, and more.

Our Sermons & Conversations Podcast seeks to create further discussion, action, and outreach in response to the Gospel & Word each Sunday.

To listen: Search "Advent Sermons & Conversations" in the Podcasts app on your iPhone, or in Google Play on your Android phone to start listening! Or, listen on our website >
Congregational Meetings continue this Sunday
Guided by our mission and ministry, these congregational meetings are a process that will inform how we address our building needs to best support our future ministry growth.
Where We've Been
At three Presentation Meetings on Sunday, September 23, our Congregation Council presented some options to address our current ministry and building needs, and empower future decades of mission and ministry growth at Advent.
Small Group Meetings this Week
Our small group meetings this week provide an opportunity for in-depth, personal discussion before our congregational discussion meeting this Sunday.

Upcoming Congregational Meetings
Discussion Meeting

Sunday, September 30


Community Hall (downstairs)

Decision Meeting

Sunday, October 7


Community Hall (downstairs)

What if I can't make it to the decision meeting on October 7? Can I still vote?

Yes. There will be an opportunity to submit a paper ballot at the Discussion Meeting on September 30 for those who cannot be present for our Decision Meeting on October 7.

When do the September 30 and October 7 meetings end?

Our Sept 30 and Oct 7 meetings have no set end time. Plan to worship at 9am in English or 12:30pm in Spanish to fully participate in these meetings. We estimate they will be 1.5 - 2 hours long.

Will there be 11am worship on September 30 and October 7?

Yes. We'll still have a simple 11am worship upstairs for visitors and anyone not attending the meetings.

Will childcare be provided during these meetings?

Yes. Childcare will be provided for all meetings so parents can fully participate.

How should I prepare for these meetings?

Below we've compiled all the documents we've sent out over summer that will help set the stage for our meetings. We recommend reading them all.
These are documents we've previously sent out over the summer that will help prepare you for our meetings. Please read them if you haven't had a chance yet, and review as needed before our meetings.

Find these materials, meeting dates, and FAQs anytime at
We have many ministries starting and re-starting this fall, as well as (in the next section) 6 highlighted opportunities to volunteer. These ministries center around worship, spiritual development, and social justice with a focus on immigration and hunger -- a direction we'll continue to grow, as shared in our 2018-19 Ministry Plan.

You are invited to explore and participate in any one (or several) of these ministries and volunteer opportunities this fall. Thanks be to God for all these ways we can worship, connect, learn, and serve!
Sunday School Teachers
What: Help with our Sunday School program, and lead activities and lesson for small groups.

When: 10:05-10:55am Sundays, beginning October 14

Where: Meets in the sanctuary, continues downstairs

After-School Program Teachers
What: Assist children in grades K-6 with their homework, and help facilitate snacks and activities

When: 3-4:30pm Mondays, beginning September 17

Where: The Community Hall downstairs

ESOL Conversation Partners
What: Help people learn English through casual conversation

When: 3-4pm Tuesdays beginning October 9 and 10 - 11am Thursdays TBA
            Training on October 2 

Where: The Community Hall downstairs

Food Pantry
What: Help assemble and distribute 150+ bags of groceries for the community

When: 9-11:30am the first Saturday of every month (Next: October 6)

Where: The Community Hall downstairs

Community Lunch
What: Help prepare and serve a home-cooked meal for 150+ people in our community

When: 9:30am-2:30pm (5 shifts/roles available) the first Saturday of every month (Next: September 22)

Where: The Community Hall downstairs

Music Mondays
What: Help host our Music Mondays concerts for the community

When: 6-9pm on Mondays, once a month (view schedule)

Where: The Sanctuary

Latinx Empowerment Event w/ Samuel Acosta
5-7pm | Friday, October 5 | Advent Lutheran Church

Samuel Acosta, author of "Encuentro tu Destino" will lead a faith-based Latino empowerment event here at Advent. The event will be mostly in Spanish, but English and bilingual speakers are invited to participate as you are able.
25th Anniversary of Pastor Brown's Ordination
2-4pm | This Sunday, September 30 | Marble Collegiate Church

Marble Collegiate Church is celebrating Pastor Brown's 25th Anniversary of her Ordination, and Pastor Danielle is preaching at the ceremony! All are invited to join her in celebrating this milestone.
ALCM Music Workshops
9am-4pm | This Saturday, September 29 | Advent Lutheran Church

Frank Martignetti and Deanna Witkowski will lead two workshops for NYC area church musicians as part of a day-long event here at Advent Lutheran Church. All are welcome!

Full Ministry Calendar
What ministry or group will you be involved in this month? There are even more ways to connect in fellowship and service!
View our full Ministry Calendar
This Sunday, September 30
Gospel | Mark 9:38-50
Preaching | Pastor Gary at 9am & 11am worship in English, and 12:30pm worship in Spanish
Presiding | Pastor Danielle at 9am & 11am worship in English, and Pastor Gary at 12:30pm in Spanish
Music Minister | Michelle Alvarado
Advent Chorale | Sings at 9am worship
Congregational Discussion Meeting | Meets at 10:05am in the basement fellowship hall
20s/30s Brunch | Meets after the Congregation Discussion Meeting and 11am Worship (approx. 12pm) at the back of the sanctuary to head to Vino Levantino around the corner
Communications Internship | Meets from 3-6pm in the intern office downstairs
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