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Hello Everyone,
    I hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend. June is here and with that we have lots of exciting things happening: a new schedule, a new challenge, and a slew of pop up classes for you to try!
    Thank you to each of you who responded to the survey for your valuable feedback regarding the studio and the schedule. Our schedule changes are a direct result of your feedback, and know that we are working hard to make this an even better place for you! I appreciate every single one of you and feel blessed to have this practice and share this practice with the community! 
Summer Schedule
This is our revised schedule for Summer 2017! I am very excited about the changes and appreciate everyones participation in its evolution.  New schedule begins Thursday, June 1st. You can click here or the image below to view our live schedule.
June Challenge
What is BYP Summer Bingo Challenge?
From June 1st through June 30th join us for our Summer Bingo Challenge.  The challenge is filled with fun yoga-related activities, challenges and accomplishments that you’ll find in each of the squares of the BINGO cards. If you complete a row/column/diagonal, “X”, perimeter of the board, or the whole card you will win prizes or be eligible to win prizes. 
Complete one row, column or 5 space diagonal 
$15 credit towards next class purchase

Complete the X
$20 credit towards next class purchase
Free coconut water or bottle of water

Complete the perimeter of the board
$30 credit towards next class purchase
Free coconut water or bottle of water
A Chance to win a One Hour Private Class with Jessica 

Complete the entire board
$30 credit towards next class purchase
A Bikram Yoga Palisades Tank (first 5 to complete) Mens and Women's available
​​​​​​​Free coconut water or bottle of water
25% off one retail item
A chance to win a One Hour Private with Jessica
A chance to win One Free Month of Yoga
How to Play:
Challenge starts June 1 and runs through June 30th. Pick a board on the wall or get one from the front desk and write your name at top and tape it to the wall. Each time you complete a task, cross off the item on the board including the DATE it was completed.
You can Fill 2 boxes maximum per class visit. 

All prizes will be rewarded at the end of the challenge.

For the "Share your yoga story" square, send an email to info@bikramyogapalisades.com. Write a paragraph or two about your yoga practice.  Consider sharing things like: why you do bikram yoga, how has it helped you, any physical or mental challenges it has helped ease or resolve, what do you find most rewarding about the practice, most challenging about the practice, what do you love most about the practice, how long you have been practicing, when did you first discover Bikram yoga, etc.

For the "One Random Act of Kindness" square, tell us about your act of kindness by sending email to info@bikramyogapalisades.com.  Take a picture of your act, or some aspect of it, and send it to us!

"Private Class" prize is for you and up to 10 friends.  It can be a solo event or a private group class!

One Month Unlimited Grand Prize begins July 1, 2017 and ends July 31, 2017. No exceptions to dates.  Your current class package will be paused.

Prizes and money "credits" are not cumulative. In other words, if you complete a row/column/diagonal and the X, credit towards next class purchase will be the higher value prize only.

Prize money credits expire July 31, 2017.  Make your purchase by then. Class cards begin on start date of that package not purchase date. We will hold package until your current one expires or runs out.

Make sure all social media posts are public. Use #bikramyogapalisades so we can track posts. Tag us: FB @bikramyoga.palisades and/or IG: @bikramyogapalisades. 

All social media posts, tags, reviews, check-ins and/or emails regarding this challenge must be received by 11:59pm on June 30, 2017. Any submissions after this time will not be considered.

By posting pics and other stories you give Bikram Yoga Palisades permission to repost and use your story or images on our public social media sites, webpage and newsletters.
June Pop Ups
What is a Pop Up class? Pop Up classes are classes not regularly on our schedule. We use them here as an opportunity to try something new. Perhaps we have a new class we are piloting, a new teacher we are trying out, or just want to spice things up for a bit of time! This month try a Vinyasa class. Many of you expressed interest in trying new styles at our studio. This June you have two chances a week to try a vinyasa class.

But why? Why try a vinyasa class when you love your Bikram yoga? My friend Adi who was in the same teacher training with me in 2005 said it really well and I will quote her here. "Many bikram yogis have a hard time crossing over to vinyasa and vice versa. But these styles really can compliment each other. Bikram is more known for its long holds, alignment, and symmetry: if you go forward, then you go backward, if you go left, then you go right. Vinyasa is a bit more free, maybe even asymmetrical, and breath based, although this happens in Bikram yoga too with practice. Both styles use core for balance but vinyasa more hamstrings, Bikram yoga more quadcriceps and hips. Vinyasa uses upper body support and arm strength, bikram more spine, legs and hips."

Some people prefer one style over another. Some love the freedom of a vinyasa class and some love the certainty of a bikram class. And guess what? It's all okay! We each get to love it, hate it, or feel any range of emotions about it! I've enjoyed doing both styles through the years, and they can be fantastic together! If you are interested in trying, see our schedule below of this months schedule of Pop Ups. The first one, JUNE 4TH is a FREE CLASS. For all others you can use your regular class card or membership.
June Vinyasa Pop Ups
Sundays in June
June 4th FREE
June 11th
June 18th
June 25th
Tuesdays in June
June 6th
June 13th
June 20th
June 27th
Wizdoms Wellness One Year Anniversary
Special Anniversary Sale

Did you know right inside of Bikram Yoga Palisades we have Wizdoms Wellness, a private wellness studio offering therapeutic massage and energy medicine? April is their 1 year anniversary with us and to celebrate, Nichole, owner and Licensed Massage Therapist, has a special offer for you, her Friends and Family Rates, extended to you, our Bikram Yoga Palisades Family: 

Friends and Family Rates

$75 for 60 minute massage
$120 for 90 minute massage 

Now through 6/30/17
To book an appointment use the link below to contact Nichole directly
Contact Nichole
Bikram Yoga Palisades
536 Bergen Boulevard
Palisades Park, NJ 07650
Phone: 201 592 1477  |  Email: info@bikramyogapalisades.com​