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Issue 2 Volume 1 January 2008
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Pre-game Warm-up
Handling Kids Through 3 Simple Approaches
World's Greatest Father
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 Pre-game Warm-up   Neil Cassidy
By Coach Neil Cassidy

The pre-game warm up is a very underestimated part of the game situation. The first 20 minutes of a game are an important factor between two teams as they try to figure each other out. Therefore players need to be ready both mentally and physically for the start of a game. Read Article
KickSpeed Radar
Improve with True Radar Technology 
Here is a great coaching tool or backyard training aid. A unique new device developed to assist teaching soccer kick accuracy and power! The KickSpeed Radar uses proven Doppler radar technology. Best of all, it is affordable for anyone! Learn More
 Brian GottaHandling Kids Through Three Simple Approaches 
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

Have you ever known someone who seemed to be a "Born Coach"? There is a good chance they understood that, to varying degrees, all players have three "me's" inside them. They are: "Praise Me," "Push Me," "Play Me." Read Article
Value Card
 Raise Big Money the Easy Way!
Youth sports organizations everywhere depend on our value card program to earn thousands of dollars each season. The fastest, most profitable fundraiser you've ever tried! Ask for our free information kit. Learn More
 World's Greatest Father   Team Hoyt

Most of us bandy around the word "Hero" in the sports world. Dick Hoyt takes "Hero" to a level you can't imagine. Watch and see if this brief video doesn't change you forever. Watch Video