Hold on to your Pansies!
Bartlett's Garden Center is Open!
Lots of great things happening just beyond the market doors! Beautiful new pots are available for purchase outside. Pansies, Ranunculus, mini daffs, Hellebores and more inside. The girls have been busy setting up the new potting bench- but more info on that to come... but in the meantime, be sure to stop out and say hello!
Today is Little Red Wagon Day
For nearly 100 years, Radio Flyer has been bringing smiles to kids of all ages and creating warm memories that last a lifetime.  With their 100th anniversary on the horizon, Radio Flyer would like to establish a day that not only celebrates kids’ imaginations but the vehicles that help them explore it – their wagons.
This iconic toy is one of the most enduring toys of all time. It is not unusual for a little red wagon to be handed down from one generation to the next, treasured like a family heirloom. The adventures are enjoyed by all, regardless of age.
Garden Center Manager, Hilary, has a bittersweet story about her own radio flyer wagon-

"My mini Radio Flyer was a gift from my gardening sister-at-heart, Patty Patterson, it had always been part of the displays at the garden center where we worked together. When Patty decided to move on, it was her goodbye gift.
Sadly, Patty passed four months after moving.  Her spirit and memory lives on and I have used it in every garden center since.
It's now here on Nantucket, when you find it, think of Patty. I know I do."
DIY Terrarium Day this Saturday! 
So nice we are doing it twice!  Due to such a great turnout at our first one, we are offering this day-long workshop again, where you can stop in any time between 8 am and 5 pm and build your own Terrarium!
Your Craft Beer & Cider Headquarters
Our beer and cider selection is looking really colorful, delicious, and fun! Stop out and see what's new!

Nobl Coffee Cold Brew is BACK!
Work is starting to ramp up and the outdoors are seeming more enticing everyday! Time to get that sweet, sweet cold brew buzz on! NOBL Coffee Cold Brew is back on draft!  New sizes are now available-
16 oz, 32 oz and 64 oz! 
Bartlett's Market says 'Local is Lovely'
There are some beautiful new local products in the market right now! Maryjane, our Market Manager, made the most of her time off island and brought these products back to sell,  made right here in New England. 

We will be highlighting one of these products each week so you can get to know your local food choices better!
Stony Brook Wholehearted Foods
Each Stony Brook oil has only one ingredient: locally-grown seed that is freshly milled each week in our Geneva New York production kitchen. The oils are unrefined, lightly filtered and expeller-pressed without added heat or chemical solvents. Seed oil varieties include pumpkin seed, flax seed, organic sunflower, and butternut squash seed. Each oil varies in color and flavor, from mild and savory, with rich and nutty flavors. The oils are a flavorful complement to salads, vegetable dishes, pasta, or rice. They can be used in place of olive oil, butter and vegetable oil in most dishes.  Butternut squash seed oil and sunflower oil are the most versatile in cooking, since they have the highest smoke point of all of our oils.   Read more about how to cook with our oils...
Sunflower Seed Oil: in pasta or potato salad, marinades for chicken, salmon or pork
Pumpkin Seed Oil: drizzled over green beans, spinach, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, avocado
New! Green Items from our Gift Department

Just in time for spring cleaning we have restocked our great Full Circle Home cleaning products. Full Circle is sustainable company, committed to keep your home, and the planet, clean.

The Drink ware Cleaning Set contains five different brushes, designed to reach all the nooks and crannies of your favorite drink ware.

There’s a brush for straws, one for lids, and even a crevice tool that’s great

for sippy cups.

We have a couple of new brushes for cleaning your house too. The Lean Mean Scrub Brush feels great in your hand is the perfect all-purpose scrubber. If you need to get into corners or want to scrub your grout, the Detail Brush would be great.

Still looking for the perfect place to keep your food scraps? How about a counter top composter? The Odor Free Kitchen Compost Collector sits right on your counter, collecting all your food scraps in a compostable bag. Whether you want compost for your garden or a place to keep the messy compostable trash until it’s time to hit the dump, this is a clean and simple way to do it.

-Kate O'Brien, Gift Manager

Who's Your Farmer?  Meet Our Staff! 
Sunil Suwal, Inventory Manager (pictured here with his niece, Sayona)
Sunil Suwal joined the farm this past January filling the position of Inventory Manager. We are feeling very grateful to have found a candidate with both inventory and IT experience!  Sunil is originally from the ancient city of Bhaktapur, Nepal.  Sunil moved to Singapore in 2004 for college and then onto the United States in 2010.  He continued his studies at Johnson and Whales University in Providence RI, earning a degree in Information Technology.   Sunil first came to Nantucket in summer of 2012, when a classmate from Hyannis had told him of her experience on the island. Fascinated by her stories and experiences, he decided to give Nantucket a shot.  He swiftly fell in love with the island (don’t we all). Sunil was amazed by how many people come here for vacation and how the island changes almost instantly.  Since starting in January,  Sunil has been spoiled by our daily lunch specials.  It’s one of the things he most looks forward to on a daily basis! When he finally gets out of the office he enjoys spending his time with friends, enjoying a drink and watching sports.  We have really enjoyed getting to know Sunil, as he is a wonderful addition to our core, year round staff.  He is learning his position quickly and contributing every day. Say hi to Sunil if you happen to see him ordering at the Lunch counter! 
Fresh Catch is Open on Friday and Saturdays
Fresh Catch is open on
Fridays and Saturdays!

Current Hours
Friday, 1 pm to 6 pm
Saturdays 9 am-6 pm
Upcoming Events
Eat, Shop, Grow, Live Well
Nantucket Litter Derby
Easter Egg Hunt!
Reduce Reuse Recycle! BYO Bags!!!
Are you a friend of the farm? Talk to customer service about having your farm receipts sent directly to your email!  Lauren at the Registers has two wishes! Bring her your clean, folded brown bags! We will happily take them! 
Save the Date

3/29- Free Tai Chi for wellness @ Haddon Hall 1pm-2pm

4/1- Annual Town Meeting

4/3- Rotary Speaker- Rob McNeil- Director of the Dept. of Public Works @ Fairgrounds Restaurant 12 pm

3/29 National Mom & Pop Business Owners Day


4.13- Bartlett's Farm Living Well Fair