February 2017 

Beth Miriam is a Reform synagogue filled with tradition as well as creativity. We are about creating a truly holy space for everyone who comes into our Mishkan – the place where God dwells.
This is a place where you can pray, sing, be intellectually and spiritually stimulated, engaged with the community and with Israel.  Ours is a place of joy and support and sharing.


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Rabbi Cy Stanway

One of the truths about congregational life is that the only constant is change.  Liturgy changes, prayerbooks change, styles of teaching change, faces in the congregation change, and so forth.  In fact, if you were to compare Beth Miriam from the way it was 25 years ago to today, you would see some significant changes.

Like all religious institutions, Beth Miriam has seen a significant difference in the way congregants participate in temple life.  While it is true that, in past decades, people would utilize the temple and then leave immediately afterwards, it seems much more true today.  My colleagues and I share the observation and the sadness that comes with the simple fact that too many people have expected the temple to be here for them, their families, their times of great joy and sadness, learning and social activities, but do not always see the need to provide for the next generation.  It is the great climate change of religious life. 

We will need to adapt and we will need to change.

To that end, there are some interesting and important outreach programs that we have begun to engage, listen, and respond to the many emerging and thoughtful needs of our congregants, especially those who are entering Jewish life, those with young families, and those who will be the future leaders of our congregation and the wider Jewish world.  We are creating opportunities for leadership and leadership development with the goal of making sure that Beth Miriam is here for generations to come.  In time, those emerging leaders will change, too, to meet other needs.  Now is the time for us to meet their needs.

The Listening Campaign has been a good start and we will collate the results and build from there.  But that is a longer term project.  There are shorter term things that we are doing in response to many ideas that help to create the kind of synagogue a young family is looking for. 

To this end there are some interesting things afoot:

  • Once a month Friday evening services at 6:30.  The family-friendly service is NOT a tot Shabbat but rather a family Shabbat experience with music, story and real worship.  Watch the temple calendar for all the dates
  • Inclusion of new members with new perspectives to committees and empowering and enabling them to lead programs both inside the temple and outside the temple reaching our own community and the outside community with real change and impact.
  • Meaningful and pertinent programs especially suited for younger families.  We have lots of ideas and are working on making them happen.  We are always open to new ideas, as well and have included younger members to share their ideas with us.  (How about a camping trip on a Friday night to Saturday at Palia Park?)
  • The introduction of the new Days of Awe prayerbook, Mishkan HaNefesh which will make the Days of Awe a richer and more meaningful experience for everyone.  These services are definitely not your father’s Buick!

There will be other adaptations of programs and events in the coming months.  I am always excited to hear new ideas and invite them.  I know you want to get involved.  Just call me and let me know.

Rabbi Stanway's Blog
From the Cantor
Cantor Marnie Camhi

Our Temple Beth Miriam Purim Players are working very hard to prepare for our Little Mermaideleh Purim Spiel! It will be performed on Sunday, March 12.  We are very excited to bring you another new original Purim Spiel (written by me). 

This will be our 3rd year in a row performing one of my original Purim Spiels. I have written 6 spiels and we have performed Frozen, Descendants and this year- The Little Mermaideleh.  My others are Star Wars, Big Bang Theory and Finding Esther (based on Finding Dory). I have also turned my new hobby into a fundraiser for TBM by selling my spiels to other congregations and Jewish schools across the USA and Canada. The proceeds from my spiels help to support various funds and programs at TBM.

I hope you will enjoy what our Purim Players are preparing for you!

Thank you!
Cantor Marnie                                                               

Cantor's Webpage
Movie Night Sing-a-long
Saturday February 25, 6 PM
Come have the "Time of Your Life" Sing Along, "Stay", "In the Still of the Night" and many more.

Dirty Dancing and deli dinner. We have a special night planned. Celebrate the 30th anniversary of this film, with a sing-a-long to all those hit songs of the 50s and 60s. Jennifer Gray and her family go to the Catskills with her family where she mets up with .Patrick Swayze, the dance instructor.

Dress like it is 1963. Song sheets will be provided. Traditional Jewish deli will precede the movie and a discussion will follow.

$15.00 for adults, $10.00 for those of high school age.
Call the Temple to reserve at 732-222-3754, or email at tbmreception@bethmiriam.org.

Any questions call Mark Cohen, Programming Chair at 908-601-1151.
From the office

Hello Everyone,

Business is flowing smoothly throughout the office. By now, you should have received your 2016 tax letters, and invoices for 2017.

Purim is coming, so remember your friends and family by purchasing Purim baskets for them. You should have received the Purim packet with information regarding this wonderful fundraiser.

Our TBM Raffle Drawing will take place on Sunday, March 12 at the Purim Carnival and Celebration. We have sent out tickets to those of you who have not yet purchased them. Tickets are still available in the office and will be sold the day of the raffle drawing. Help TBM raise money and WIN! (You do not have to be present to win the raffle).

As always, we are happy to help you with all of your temple needs. Feel free to reach out to us!

Shari Nightingale and Frankie Langer
Purim begins on the evening of March 11th. Temple Beth Miriam will continue the custom of fulfilling the Purim mitzvah of Misloach Manot, the tradition of giving friends and family yummy gifts to spread the joy of the holiday. The Purim baskets for temple members will remain the same at $4.00 each.

By now you have received the following; an order form, a two-sided list of temple members, staff, and teachers; and a list of those people you sent baskets to in 2016.  Please indicate the names of people you wish to give Purim baskets to this year and send the order form and list back to the temple by February 6, 2017 with your full payment. You may donate your basket, give baskets to non-temple members ($15.00 each), and reciprocate with other temple members, as described in the letter.

You don’t want to miss out on being a part of this wonderful tradition and donating to the temple at the same time!

Thanking you in advance,
Wendy Sloter for the Purim Committee
Snowy Soup Sale Success Story

TBM's Social Action Committee met several hours earlier than planned last Saturday to make soup to keep the Soup Sale on, despite the snowstorm that was already in full effect. Possibly outperforming the US Mail Service, the Committee got together at TBM to make over 80 quarts of Chicken Noodle, Italian Vegetable and Black Bean Soup. The challenges didn't end there, as the Soup Sales was to occur after Sunday School the next day, but all activities at TBM were cancelled, with the 80 quarts of soup chilling in the TBM fridge.

Determined to finish what was started, the Committee Members sold quarts of soup practically out of the backs of their cars, and had ad-hoc sales events on Monday and Wednesday nights, selling every drop, as always, thanks to all of the TBM community, which apparently has quite an appetite for soup. Despite all of these additional and unusual challenges, the committee raised $275 in profits, which is being donated to the Reformation Lutheran Church's Food Pantry to stock their shelves.

The Social Action Steering Committee is comprised of Larry Nagel, Steve Peckman, Liza Restifo, Pat Shapiro, Gayle Topper & Michael Vernick, and were joined by the entire Restifo & Topper families and Sue Gruskin for food shopping, soup making and selling.

The committee would also like to thank to Rabbi Cy, Shari, Frankie & Rosie for all of their support to pull this effort off.

Mazal tov!

* Mia Kouveliotes had her bat mitzvah on January 28.  She is a 7th grader at Middle School North in Howell. She is passionate about dance, drawing, cooking and animals. Her favorite activity is hanging out with friends.  For her Kishrei Halev project, Mia has created an Instagram account to raise awareness and prevent teen suicide by encouraging kindness amongst her peers. 

* Mazel Tov to Sherry & Frank Esposito on the birth of their 4th grandchild, George John,
son of Robert & Lee Esposito.

* Rachel Silverman celebrated her bat mitzvah on January 28th.  Rachel  is a 7th grader at the Tinton Falls Middle School.  Her favorite subject is science.  She loves animals and is happiest when she is spending time with her friends. Rachel is on a travel and school basketball team and enjoys playing on the Mavericks lacrosse team.

Rachel’s Kishrei Halev project was volunteering at Brave Beginnings, located in Tinton Falls.  When Rachel was looking for a project Brave Beginnings seemed like a nice fit since she enjoys working with young children.   It is a playgroup for children 18 month – 3 years old who have been identified by early intervention having speech delays, Down Syndrome and autism. She started last March and continued to volunteer for the summer program.  She is now back for the school year and goes at least once a week.  Brave Beginnings is not a project anymore it is her passion.

Thank you!
Thank you to Social Action and the Stanway family for sponsoring an oneg last month, and big thank you to Dawn & Leonard Berkeley for sponsoring two onegs in honor of Bernard Bedrick and Teri Berkeley.  In addition, thanks to Dawn and Lenny for making the Brandl event in December happen!

A sincere thank you again  to Leonard and Dawn Berkeley for their generous donation of an iPad Pro to the temple in support of the technological upgrades on the bima.

A big thank you to the Levine family from The Windmill for supplying us with delicious french fries and onion rings for our annual Canadian Picnic. They were a hit as always and so appreciated.

Thank you again to Pat Shapiro who volunteered some time in the office last month. As always your help is greatly appreciated.


May their memories be a blessing

February 3rd

Anne Alexander
Stanley Behrman*
Harry Berger*
Herman Blumenkrantz
Benjamin Bookbinder
Edith Brosniak
Sylvia Carris Lawrence
Janet Costanzo*
Henrietta Fabricant
Nathan Katz*
Elias Khajezadeh
Miriam Krosney
Morris Levin
SueAnn Lieberman*
Zelda Malachowsky*
Mary Marshall
Philip Newman*
James Petty Sr
Jacob Piekarski*
Jeannette Rosenthal
Joseph Rubenstein
Benjamin Sherwin
Sidney Sloter
Dora Snyder*
Josephine Specter
Rubin Stein
Silvia Tepper
Bessie Weissberg

February 10

June Ader
Sarah Auerbach
Marilyn Baum*
Chip Broder
Anna Cohen
Seymour Eisenberg*
Walter Epstein*
Victoria Feldman
Sara Flink*
Michael Gartenberg
Sarah Gasarch
Levi Goldenberg
Marilyn Green
Saul Haas
Beatrice Herz*
Jerome Kappek*
Samuel Klein*
Doris Konner
Abraham Lester
Ira Lichtenstein
Ruth Mintz*
David Negenwitzky
Sam Nelson
Zale Oser
Jacqueline Ralby
Fanny Schwartz*
Barbara Simon
Sophie Steinweiss
Nathan Tanenbaum*
Ida Tanenbaum*
Ida Terner*
Thelma Thomson*
Alexander Vineburg*
Moritz Wagner*
Arlene Warshauer
Sarah Weber*
Harry Zohn

February 17

Dorothy Ader
Alton Begel*
Stanley Benn*
Esther Berkeley*
Nathan Brodbar
Charles Broder
Nathaniel Camp*
Arlene Cheskin
Hyman Cohen*
Jack Feinberg*
Abraham Flink*
Sylvia Golden*
Florence Grieco
Abraham Haber*
Robert  Jacobson Sr.*
Ruth Kaplan
Sam Kastner
Edith Klugman*
Rose Knotts
Samuel Kreizman
Joseph Lermer*
Mike Leukowitz
Malvina Lowy
Theresa Miller*
Sidney Mindlin*
Harry Obstgarten
Jeannette Parker
Anna Reingold
Jack Richlin
Max Rosenkranz
Fanny Schlatner
Irving Schneider
Ann Schnur
Howard Tannenbaum
Dora Tartakow*

February 24

Herbert Bennett*
Frances Berger
David Cutler
Morris Daniels*
Rose Dobrin
Irving Feldman
Sania Friedlin
Philip Glassman
Sophie Goldwasser*
Herman Hirshfield
Abe Hodes
Marilyn Kaplan*
Norton Kern*
Dorothy Kohn*
Berta Korn
Herman Krim
Samuel Lubarsky*
Emma Moss*
Marcia O’Connell
Hazel Pashal*
Lil Popler*
Ronald Prout
Ida Schlisserman
Herman Silverman
Herman Singer
David Smallwood
Arthur Strauss
Leo Tartakow*
Rebekah Vogel
Robert Young
Jacob Zlotkin*
Sidney Zywotow*


The Milton Ziment Fund For Scholastic Achievement
In memory of Lyle Stanway
-Fran & Steve Silver

Rabbi Joseph Goldman Fund for Jewish Learning
In memory of Rabbi Joseph Goldman
-Robert, Robin & Rachel Simon

Temple Beth Miriam Wish List
-Deborah & Scott Gerbman

Pess Family Youth Group
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In memory of Lyle Stanway
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Endowment Fund
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Conn Music Fund
In memory of Chaim Sagalovsky
-Filipp Sagalovsky

Wish list
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-Betta Auerbach

Tzedakeh Fund
In memory of Ronnie Bassin
-Lt. Col. Ron  Ledwitz & Mrs. Meryl Ledwitz

In memory of Chaim Sagalovsky
-Filipp Sagalovsky

Rabbi Discretionary Fund
In honor of Brian & Shoshana Silverman on the
Bat  Mitzvah of their daughter Rachel.

In honor of Mary & Peter Kouveliotes on the
Bat Mitzvah of their daughter Mia.
-The Angeles Family

Kol Nidre
Hazel Scott
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