The Surprising Nature of Abundance

In last week's e-letter we asked the question: How can we more vibrantly experience the abundance God provides, and stress less about the scarcity our culture highlights?

What is the key to abundance? We've all likely heard the trope about the uber-wealthy person who still feels something is missing, and research documentaries like the film Happy (which, after seeing it with the Adventurous Adventonians, we highly recommend watching as you consider "abundance" . . . yes, it's on Netflix) have done a great job of documenting how even people living on the simplest of means can feel their life is very abundant.

Recent research has sparked a wave of discussion about the power of having an "abundance mindset." At the heart of the movement is the assertion that "abundance mindset" people actually tend to be more successful in reaching their goals, further enriching their lives, and supporting their community than "scarcity mindset" people. How? First, "abundance mindset" people utilize opportunities and resources that "scarcity mindset" people don't notice; and second, "abundance minded" people are more willing to invest their resources in new opportunities, personal growth, and building community.

The most striking thing to us about this "abundance mindset" concept is its resemblance to what we hear in the Bible. Over and over the Bible urges us to see and have faith that God has provided a truly abundant life for us. We are called to be joyful and grateful for the life, redemption, forgiveness, and love abundantly present in our lives, given freely by God through Jesus Christ. God calls us to have this mindset not just because it makes us happier people, but more importantly because it frees us to love one another and commit our time and resources to God's Work.

Ok, great. So how can we get into this wonderful-sounding "abundance mindset"? More on that in next week's e-letter. Dive into a plethora of activities about abundance for adults and children at our Rally Day Party from 10-11am on Sunday, September 18.

The Abundance Photo Challenge

Join this fun activity to help us all get in touch with the abundance in our life (and each others') before Rally Day. Throughout the next five weeks we invite you to share pictures that capture the abundance in your life on Facebook or Instagram, tagging @adventnyc and #rallyday2016

Here are few guidelines to help you along:
  • Pictures could be of nature, food, books, people, activities--whatever you consider abundant in the world or in your life.
  • Keep looking harder for more new forms of abundance you didn't notice before.
  • Consider how the abundance in your life is similar and connected to people living in different circumstances than you.
  • Challenge yourself to visually capture forms of abundance that are less tangible.
  • Be creative, and have fun with it!
We look forward to seeing your "abundance" pictures! Have a friend you know would enjoy getting in touch with abundance these next several weeks? Invite them to join the challenge!

Check out our abundance challenge photos our Instagram profile or our Facebook page.
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