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May 2017 Newsletter  |  Number 145
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By Elaine Clark

I recently had the privilege of recording Justin Dillon reading his book, A Selfish Plan To Change The World. Justin’s book brilliantly shares his experiences of being a rock performer before finding his riot – searching for child slavery, exposing it, and stopping it in products and the business pipeline. While his 230-page book goes into lots more detail, here are a few of the tips that can apply to your quest as an actor and voice over artist.

  1. "Don’t let your dreams become dreams."                    Rather than wishing success to happen, decide on your purpose and pursue your ambition. Take action to reach your goals.
  2. "The world needs something from you as well."         You have something special to offer. Offer your performance with confidence as a problem solver that the client and listening audience needs and wants.
  3. "Don’t make the mistake of believing that the only way to find purpose is to do something you don’t enjoy."                                             
    There are choices we can make. Choose the areas of the business that speak to you and bring you joy.
  4. "If we allow the pains of others to affect our daily lives, our lives can become more delightful, more meaningful."                                             
    Scripts start with a pain-point and the hero product moves it forward to a solution. This process should be meaningful to you and your audience.
  5. "Disappointment has a purpose when it informs our purpose. It can shape us and give us authority."       Our job is to be an authority in every script we read. Valuable information is gained very time you make a mistake, get direction, don’t book a job, or don’t sign immediately with a talent agent. The impact it has on your ultimate goal shapes your next performance and marketing approach.
    6. "My backstory was training for what I do today."     Voice Over and acting is more than training and practice. All of your work, family, travel, and life experiences shape your backstory for use in your performance work, too.
    7. "The three Ps: passion, practice, and people."          Without the passion (your riot), you will never try. Practice is the effort needed to make your passion/riot happen. Perform for your intended audience!

Learning and performing voice-overs may lead you to a bigger riot or opportunity. Communication is powerful. Using your voice effectively has value. Let the journey lead you to your riot in the voice-over industry or beyond.

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